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  1. Im a ranger and I just spend a very unpleasant hour fighting Balthazar and no matter what I did he keep killing me every minute,. All I have to say is this is no fun at all. This is the type of boss fight I HATE!!!!! AND THE TYPE THAT TURN ME OFF PLAYING GAMES WHERE YOU CANT GET PAST BOSSES WITH OUT MORE THEN ONE PERSON FIGHTING THE BLANKING BOSS. After an hour his hit points where only down to blanking half and there was no room to move or even think of how you to fight this boss. Of course no one cares how hard this blank boss is if you cant get passed this boss you can not move on with th
  2. Not sure who I need to complain to but I have major issues first I am a SOLO player I hate playing with others I like doing everything SOLO in my book you should not have to join a guild or be with friends to play any online games at all. That being said I am pissed beyond pissed at how hard it is to get the master points over in POF How can I get to where I need to go if I cant increases my Mastery points. There are some points that if you do not have the right mount you never going to get them. Then there's the one that I know of off the top of my hand that your own site says can be got by u
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