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  1. They have both their uses tbh. PvE wise, Condi is strictly better on its own, but there are several bosses (Raids, Fractals, Open World) where condi is awful, and you’d better play Power. WvW, condi Virtuoso is basically unkillable in 1vs1, and you can duel vs pretty much anybody. But it takes a long, long time to kill them, so if they are nearby towers/keeps they can just run away. Power is worse in a vacuum, but with the proper Power gear/traits you can ambush almost anybody, and kill them very quickly. Power cannot really outsustain any condi spec, so if you fail the kill you’d be
  2. Imagine not using WvW or Fractals currency to get 20-slots bags 🙂
  3. I have no particular issues with *specifically* the existence of casting time. I have a lot of issues, on the other hand, with the clunkiness of firing them. Make them faster (not sidesteppable), fireable from behind (yes, you can target + use them and then turn around, it’s not even remotely the same), make f3 a stun, cuz a daze on casting time is the most useless ability in the game.
  4. Given that the golem stands still, and doesn’t attack you, pretty much.
  5. In the case of Mirage, for example, a whole bunch of your Dps is provided by confusion stacks. Confusion damage triggers when the opponent is moving. The golem is static, so it receives 0 damage every time.
  6. In WvW and PvP is a very respectable choice. Not everything should be top tier for PvE specifically. Even in PvE, there are builds (like Chrono Tank) which profit from playing Scepter cuz of clone generation.
  7. …do you realize you’re describing the extremely worse version of Condi Axe Mirage?
  8. You’re literally saying it’s a subpar spec BUT you can play it because… because? And then call ours a propaganda, yet without any given example 😄
  9. It’s true, tho. “Lol, but in open world it works” isn’t a statement. I’d say Power Mirage is even *very good* in some open world content, since GS ambush has insane tagging potential during farms and similar. It sucks everywhere else, that’s the point. You call it exaggeration, but give me one example (a single one) of good build in T4 Fractals, Raids, Strikes, PvP, WvW. I’d say it only works somehow in the latter due to the fact you’ll be able to ambush kill all the bad players that stand around the spawn, but… in a 1vs1 situation vs anything remotely competitive, you’re a dead man walking.
  10. Condì Mirage actually spikes quite a bit for being a condi spec. You build up buffs with Staff, then switch to Axe and profit. It isn’t top tier, but it’s definitely viable and fun to play. Power Mirage really needs some buff in WvW/PvP, on the other hand. It is maybe my favorite spec playability-wise, but it does shine vs bad opponents while being… well, just annoying against good players.
  11. From best to worst. Quick Dps: Harbinger, Firebrand, the rest (Chrono, Catalyst, Scrapper). Quick Heal: Firebrand, just… Firebrand. Alac Dps: Mirage, Mech, Rev, Thief. Alac Heal: Mech, which is also probably the most broken build overall in the current meta. If you want to Tank, the old ChronoTank is still a very good build in most wings. For utility, Druid Heal is also very required despite the “nerfs”.
  12. And what I’m saying is that you should look better. There is PLENTY of raiding guilds, there’s no way you can use that as an excuse.
  13. Finding a raiding guild. That’s really it, and it shouldn’t be any difficult.
  14. Yes, you are reading my comments very well 😅 Mesmer has a lot of options to move around and disengage. If there are specs which can do better (and there are) doesn’t mean that on Mesmer you are limited. Quite the contrary. Blink IS a powerful teleport, and you lower the cooldown using Chaos traits. Sword has teleport on all Mesmer specs. Staff has teleport and disengage. Midnight/MassInv are great at disengaging. Pistol stun, GS 3 are great tools to reach the enemy, so is Virtuoso f2 with traits (cripple). Mirage has even more reach on the elite. Mesmer has a lot of problems, but mob
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