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  1. In sPvP we have the option of telling the game to tone down everyone's crazy, gimmicky outfits into something more befitting the game's own aesthetic. I'd love for the option to be available for all the rest of the game too. A dragon-winged fairy Charr in a bright pink tutu with sparkles radiating from his tail flanked by a demon-winged Asura glowing pure starlight on the one side and a bat-winged Norn in a Marvel's Iron Man outfit on the other driving a Star Trek Pod Racer essentially negates the cohesion of the beautiful, well-designed game-world.
  2. Hello All, I've returned to GW2 recently, after having played a month or two around the HoT Launch, and been progressing through the story slowly but surely, grabbing some map completions here and some side-adventuring there. The game's great, with a beautiful aesthetic, intimidating monsters and honorable fights. I just made it through Living World Season 4, and while the dialogue was middle-school levels of cringe, the scenery, enemies and encounters were glorious. Excited to mount one of those cool Dragons, I started the Skyscale Quest... Step 1. Go to 20 random locations
  3. I suppose I will be losing the Character I made via the Extra Character Slot & Boost, included in the original purchase?
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased the Collection (all Expansions, incl. EoD), Standard Edition. I now realise the importance of Gems for things beyond Cosmetics (being able to play different characters, store builds, have a bank, etc), and would like to invest in a few thousand. One option is to spend €50 on 4k Gems, however I remember the Ultimate Edition being €50 more than Standard and supplying me with 4k Gems & an 800 Gem Character Slot, so would obviously much prefer this one. My question is: Is this possible? Is there a way to Upgrade my already existing Standard Collection
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