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  1. No, like almost any other MMO, bosses should have mechanics both melee and range have to deal with. With no holy trinity, and no predictable aggro system, this is kind of different in GW2, it feels like Raids are not part of the same ecosystem for which the game was created, if the bosses aggroed only on toughness, it would make entry much easaier, and difficulty could be set from motes, for example 3 or 4 dificulties, each increasing the rewards and challange. I mean.. if most buffs werent popcorn small AOE the playstyle might drastically change to allow for more freedom in the game modes, t
  2. LMAO. I merely guess that popcorn 300aoe auras and boons were in general implemented to make the game feel more action based, so you pick up things as you roll through them, instead of targeting team mates to buff (like classic WoW had blessing of whatever in paladins) But seriously, to balance the raids for ranged alike maybe i t wouldn't even take much effort, I suppose the following would do: 1. Make aggro toughtness based all the time, as that attribute makes sense for this. 2. Make aoe boons in raid have 2000+ range, but only for that game mode. The balance in other gamemodes se
  3. I get your point but no, the originally designed classes of Elementalist and Ranger were meant to employ range, the thing is that boss design was made in such a way, that it's pretty much mandatory to stack up for buffs, and there's too many bosses that allow you to just stay melee all the time. I think according to what gameplay I've had so far, this is why there's more variety in PVP and WvW compared to Raiding. I can only raid in different flavours of "warrior", when in contrast I want to raid in the flavor of ranged. I hope that at least in EoD they introduce more bosses that work with
  4. I see, so raids were added ad-hoc and it seems like they did not keep in mind the ranged much. Well, it must be hard balancing skills to fit both PVE and PVP and not be too strong in one or the other (scourge) cough cough... The two weeks grind is since I returned back to GW2, I purchased the game on april 2020, got it to 80 and stopped playing til now, so I'm not exactly really new, did unlock my masteries and got gliding, mounts etc.. but never did endgame content, so it came as a bit of a surprise to me, that it's all just melee-centric. Still I must say that I do enjoy the PVP and W
  5. Well no, the casters already do wear cloth (or light armor), so it's totally counterintuitive to force the only viable builds, outside of open world pve, (which in most cases is just zerged through content), to be melee. So where my contribution matters, I am to be right next to my target having weak armor? I mean why have a "warrior" skillset class in light and medium armor be their only way to bring about sufficient DPS for endgame content, these armor types in general are designed to crumble if just looked at funny, and as such the priority of such armor wearers should be to avoid being loo
  6. I mean, I had an 80 character from before.. but ascended "grind" and legendary aside, as they are rather small boosts I suppose, only a couple of ranged specs are viable in PVP, but none are viable in raiding. I believe the proper way to balance ranged calsses is have them wear weaker armor and be more prone to damaging abilities by adds or aoe puddles or whatever, not just nerf their weapons into oblivion, forcing cloth wearers to melee. I think tempest overloads should be ground targetable and not stick to a player, staff should be buffed, I don't understand how a mesmer, the cloth armor cla
  7. As the title implies, I'm a newbie player haven't even got one piece of ascended on me, and did my first raid a couple of days ago, as a weaver... I made an elementalist because I enjoy the mage gameplay in normal MMOs but from what I can tell so far of the game, there is a serious balance issue between melee and ranged. Basically any class that has a melee weapon is viable only in melee. Is this because of boon range being a small circle? are boons too strong then in this case? should they in raids be raid-wide to fix this imbalance at least there? Normally in MMOs I play Mages, Healers a
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