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  1. But yea okay. I get it. Power Damage is a noob trap xD At least i can run brain afk in dire and deal more damage than a power rev with 1 1 1 1 spambot abilities 😛
  2. Quite funny how rev is outdamaged by every single dire/trailblazer kitten walking on earth now. You guys really hate power damage or?
  3. Sooo Mechanist Rifle Skill 5 Jumpshot fix? When? Anet?! Thanks for classbreaking kitten? Why no fix? Hello? Anet? You there?! Seriously. Beyond broken and no fix in sight. Top quality.
  4. Tried all the above. Nothing works. Thanks then no legendary amulet. Btw i even had 3 Rytlock's. Thanks alot for the wasted time on trying to get a legendary amulet. Just thanks. Ohw and thanks that you're unwilling to fix your stuff. Cheaper to do sloppy programming eh? More important rip people's wallets eh? Not one day passes without me running into bugs all over the place. Done with it. Too many bugs. Seriously... if one does Return to get me raged achievements you face more bugs than in a whole Starship Troopers movie.
  5. Pfff i told it already since they announced this system years ago that it won't change jackshlt. I told you all the time it will be down to premade alliances steamrolling over whatever trash is left. Ohw and here another prediction: Soon enough you guys will moan that you're facing the same enemies over and over :P Because then it will be down to either trashbag farming or facing the same alliances again and again. At least i can oil myself in your tears now and laugh about this premade fiesta. You guys were celebrating it as if it was THE SOLUTION. As if it was the Jesus of game
  6. Shouldn't be possible. FoW+GH is the new noobstack. So underskilled that they each time try to be at least twice your numbers. You beat one of them and can be sure a whole mapblob will be chasing you for having killed one of these whiners. So come here, come all. Stack on the new zero skill servers FoW and GH 🙂 Will be fun fighting that noobstack since they only know how to overwhelm with numbers.
  7. I know Anet is too busy looking how they can boost conditions even further whilst letting power builds look like a pure joke. But as i said. It would have been much less work for them to create a pass thingy like Mistlock Sanctuary than developing a whole new map. Looking at the responses i smell there can be a coin made.
  8. You've stolen old LA from us. I've been talking to few people about it and we would want it back. Why can't you just release it as accessible area like Mistlock Sanctuary? You could have a ton of excuses why it could still exist. For example: Moto has helped reconstructing a virtual, fully functional version of old LA Or it could be some torn apart piece of fragmented memory preserved in the mists or or or You already have that area somewhere on your harddrives and you could turn it into another cashgrab item you can sell for 1000 gems or whatever. But give it back please. New
  9. Quite funny to see that i kept telling the truth for the whole time since alliance got announced. It did not change anything at all. It even made the population imbalance even more clear. Green keeps being traded back and forth between red and blue. Green completly outnumberd and the best of all you now even have spies all over the place because guild members are placed on all 3 sides instead on one. Oh i so told you guys that alliance won't change anything at all. Alright, back to laughing about with what you came up after all that time. cya! 😄
  10. I'm still waiting for WoW's Boomkin Dudu swarm to flush over into GW2 WvW. xD
  11. Guess you can be glad that you didn't play WvW back then 2012. No reward-shower from WxP, Rewardtracks nor PiPs but a hefty repair bill at the end of the day. Back then you had to pay for repairs, had to pay for upgraded keeps/towers and camps. After a couple hours you easily could run into 10-20g for repairing your equip and a handful gold more to upgrade a keep to t3. Think about that please before you start a forum tsunami. You're like that fat kiddo with a mouth full of chocolate on Halloween, holding open your sack full of candies in the expectation of getting more. People like y
  12. So i guess now am i already expected to pay 1k gold to idk how many people just to get those achievements that require to do the map meta on a map that is more dead than a graveyard? I've been sitting a half day now and kept starring at lfg. Not a single meta lfg listed. Guess it's time to grind a couple thousand gold so i can pay people to do this kind of BS.
  13. Funny that you want to destroy minstrel, a statcombo needed for propper groupplay but not trailblazer, which combines tank and damage. I wish a power player could be that tanky whilst having that amount of damage. But thats obviously limited to those condition spam heroes.
  14. Why you want a new map? Is rangers go to red bl not cool anymore?
  15. Its just another problem Anet constantly ignores. Anet has proven they can disable minis due to high population count. That tells me it wouldnt be impossible to disable minis completly in WvW or at least hide them automatically upon entering WvW. Anyone want to make a bet if and when this is going to happen? Id say another 9 years minimum.
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