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  1. if you wanna get into pvp, just ditch this poop show already and look into Lost Ark. dedicated devs, excellent design and mechanics. coming out in early 2022.
  2. you know the Western and EU release is early in 2022 right? There wasn't any lag in beta for me.
  3. For anyone wanting to check out an MMO with good pvp design and mechanics, I can't recommend Lost Ark enough. Just finished a week of beta, and instantly uninstalled GW2. Playing GW2 feels so dirty in comparison. Never coming back. LA devs just made a commitment in Korea to balancing and expanding their pvp modes. Arenas are already a lot of fun, and they're working on an open world pvp map.
  4. I have 100% prot uptime with just Unstoppable Union and Companion's Defense. With Pack Runes, WH5 and axe, also have 25 might. It's nice to have on-demand condi cleansing from WS on top of the sigils.
  5. The hammer has to keep swinging. When it stops, pvp dies. We know this from pvp games that are actually balanced, like Dota 2 and a few others. When devs go afk or give up, game dies. This is the problem with ANet - they don't have the capability to see a single thing through. If you don't understand this youre kinda dumb.
  6. it's a pretty good, defensive weapon for some condi builds.
  7. the design of the spec is ok. i knew it would be when i saw the preview. but the bad number balancing make it unplayable for me.
  8. I don't mind that at all. They just need a 1200 range blink, some damage resistance and 50% more HP across the board. The Unleashed pet skills are pretty ok.
  9. So for WvW, no one will take you into a squad if you offer just a bit of CC and boon rip. If the Untamed brought some serious spike damage to the table, then I can see it. Even then it's reaching because you have to compete with the Herald which is an absolute god in WvW zerging. But unfortunately the hammer is totally anemic.
  10. Absolutely nothing. Hammer's damage is entirely broken, as in 3-4 abilities do almost no damage. For some reason they decided to not have Hammer 3 do almost any damage because of its boon ripping utility. Hammer 5 nuke is anemic. Autoattack is anemic. Untamed is totally unusable in pvp. Hammer probably needs a 50% damage buff across the board. The pet problems are an entirely different discussion.
  11. yeah i got 2-shot by one. gonna test it out. and u can also summon it when u want.
  12. Mostly from WvW. The damage coefficients are horrible, I couldnt even solo a t2 camp. They decided to make Hammer 3 and 4 do virtually no damage, even when Unleashed. The pet's blink is only 900. When the pet is Unleashed, the hammer does basically zero damage, especially abilities 3-5. I tested this with Marauder gear, and it's just so, so, so bad. I kept checking to make sure I was wearing the right gear, and I was.
  13. I've been here a long time - it's the same 3-4 people whinging since the game was released lol. identify them and ignore them. I also know for a fact they're not good.
  14. You are being generous. All of the feedback here is basically whining by low tier players who have been on these forums for 8 years. You mostly hear their voices because they post on forums more than actually playing. They haven't even tried the spec. Untamed will be really good. Always room for improvement.
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