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  1. As... humorous as this one is, I earnestly cannot tell how far Poe's Law is in effect or not. They don't want you to play with Turrets. The devs are on record from years ago stating they regret implementing turrets into the game with how exploitable of a playstyle they turned out to be. Honestly, there aren't many times that you can say what I'm about to say with regards to anything in this game, but Turrets are the exception: If you're playing Engineer with Turrets as a build focus, then you're playing it completely wrong. A couple of them have excellent toolbelt skills (That h
  2. Just asking, totally for a friend: Have you.. played as the Mechanist? Because the mechs don't feel too OP at all. In fact, they feel quite useless - and unlike Ranger pets, they don't really add anything to the Engie for what they've given up and been stripped of on behalf of the Mech's existence. IN essence... losing to a Mechanist is natural twelve hours after official release, because you don't know the strats to taking them on. That's fine. Congratulations, welcome to playing a game. The Mech changes what the Engie is capable of.. and, importantly, what they aren't capable of
  3. I don't know, really. It feels... kind of like a let down and I've got no more faith to give them. I just don't care any more, and I'd rather get nothing ever again than have the false sense of hope that only gets betrayed.
  4. Why is it whenever your name shows up in these feedback/opinion threads, you're always trying to shut down others' say and everyone else sharing what they think and feel? Why is it you always seem to stand away from the community and can't seem to understand that people can say whatever they'd like, when they like, as they see fit, and that your input to the situation isn't relevant if it is to just say, "Be quiet, nobody cares"?
  5. Someone who's not afraid to ask the real questions, here.
  6. NGL, running around as a turret bunker with Mechmancer runes is hilarious, silly giddy amounts of joy. Is it competitive? Not really. But it sure is fun.
  7. Problem being that the mech will be absolutely melted by all conditions. Even from people not running condition damage... it has one cleanse, then nothing else. For 30 seconds. Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah, I'm not saying it's dead on arrival or anything, but... it's pretty much dead on arrival for ever being used inside of any team comp, PvE OR PvP.
  8. You are thinking like a rational human being, not a developer. You are thinking as someone capable of saying, "Ehhh.. it has an internal cooldown on the effect. Who cares how often they switch in and out of the kit? Whatever. Small bonus for them to proc it at leisure - long as the ICD is done, of course." Devs don't think like that. Devs think in the terms of, "Well, we could do that, but.. that'd mean that Guardians, Thieves, Warriors and everyone else is going to moan and groan that Engineers can proc their set effects whenever they'd like since they don't have a CD on those skills..
  9. When the entire community of theorycrafters are sitting here saying, "Uhh, hey.. this doesn't work. Someone needs to see what they've just done wrong here, here, here, and here, and fix it before anything here is workable.", that's generally a good sign that roleplayers need to step down and stop trying to say, "No, wait and see how it'll all be, it'll be great!", or, as in your case, "Well get used to it because YOU don't get a say!" Go kill another game with your false machismo. At least the devs DO read the forums and are likely making notes from all the comments the theorycrafters are
  10. It used to be, then they realised what a glaring oversight that was when you could proc every, "When Heal Skill Cast", trigger at a ridiculous pace since the swap into the kit has no CD. Also, "When Elite Skill Cast", triggers don't function on the Mortar Kit's Elite button. They instead move to the F5 butto--oh no, mmmn, yeah, dang, guess they don't work either anymore, do they? Do you see why this entire spec is a problem, yet?
  11. At best, 75 seconds. In reality, closer to 90 seconds. The only Alacrity that we have access to once the Mech dies is on the final attack in our Mace AA chain.
  12. In this game? THIS GAME? ARE YOU INSANE!? THAT IS NOT HOW THIS GAME IS BALANCED IN ITS GAMEPLAY. AT ALL. PERIOD. FULL-STOP. THIS GAME PUNISHES SUPPORT BUILDS PUNITIVELY FOR DECIDING TO FORCE THEIR EXISTENCE WITHIN THE SYSTEM THAT DOESN'T WANT THEM and that's actually sort of okay with how things are; everybody is meant to take responsibility for themselves by actively avoiding damage and reacting to their own taken damage as-needed, not be carried by one person declaring, "I'm heals!", and letting the group hamfist or spunkgargleweewee their way through fights, WHICH ONLY DRIVES THE
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