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  1. kitten I dunno what Im doing differently then, been roaming in wvw all morning and no freezing on the turtle
  2. this false dichotomy is dumb unique and balanced , they are not mutually exclusive
  3. I played for 2 hours last night and didnt have a single freeze with the turtle
  4. 4 months of work, cornerstone of the game
  5. win trading most certainly has nothing to do with it
  6. weve been screaming thia from the rooftops ever since they removed solo q, its never coming back unfortunately. Everyone would have to boycott ranked for lime a month, even then anet mind not even notice/care.
  7. the writing was on the wall when eod released with no new maps, amys, runes, or even kitten sigils about 6 months post release and the big balance patch doest really change anything for pvp...ya noone with pull at anet gives a poop about pvp at all. This has never happened with other expansion launches where nothing new comes with pvp AND even at the first big shake up, nothing is addressed. Harbs still have their I win button, willies sustain did take a hit but their spin to win utility dmge is beyond reasonable and will continue to trash other specs Again
  8. it used to be condi immunity, about a year or so ago they made it only apply to non dmge condis, it kittened over warrior and certain rev builds more than anything its also I think why there are more condi p/d roamers every day
  9. rip resistance, taken from us too soon
  10. baelfire isnt bad but no meta builds call for it really, I am a big fan of flame legion w destroyer amy on my eles and guards, again not meta
  11. ok SHROUD.2307.....by any chance do you happen to play a good deal of necro?
  12. And right now people are already cycling back to condi tanks when roaming ive noticed cele might stacking still remains king, but thats been true since they added expertise and concentration
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