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  1. Title pretty much sums it up every single time I open the TP the game crashes, with or without DX11, with or without addons and I even deleted everything and reinstaled the game from 0. Im running it as admnistrator also. Heres the crash details: *--> Crash <--* Exception: c0000005 Memory at address 000001fc`0b720000 could not be written App: Gw2-64.exe Pid: 15924 BaseAddr: 00007FF698CB0000 ProgramId: 101 Build: 121244 Module: CoherentUI64.dll When: 2021-10-28T02:34:02Z 2021-10-27T23:34:02-03:00 Uptime: 0 days 0:01:07 Flags: 0 DumpFile:
  2. Ok, the idea of the Catalist is reaally good, but the execution is not. You have to work so much and keep track of so many things and the payoff is unexistent. The class mechanic does not work as intended and its preferable to play with another weapon instead of the hammer to make it work. And if I can't really use the sphere, and I can't use the new weapon why am I playing the spec? Hammer: Hammer skills are good and seems fun, but the cast time is awful, clunky and it has really low damage in PvP (didn't test it on PvE since ArcDPS is not working). As an example Earth 2 just
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