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  1. the spear on warrior, aka the broken throwing stick there is no mechanics, there is no self or shared boon, there is no trait line or espec synergy, there is no good move option, there is no condi or possible condi build, there is no animation or visual, there is no sunspear theme or any theme at all behind it. THERE IS ONLY RANGED POWER DMG WITH "PROXIMITY" HOOPS TO JUMP THROUGH ! just kitten fix riffle, don't try to fill a niche where there is already someone (even if riffle is struggling outside of meme build) It's not like we don't have option for power dmg , like 70% of warrior weapons are not inoff. This weapon feel half baked , empty , like there at least half missing, Please put it back in the oven sprikle some cool design sugar on it , pump it with some good synergy filling and it will be a goodish cake. (or let it burn, i will just jump ship and play engi or ranger in the mean time) It is not too late to not kill warrior again (i still remenber the first banner rework, you pull through that, you can redesign lance to be good). Cordialy, a Guy with ectogambling problems.
  2. -rework spellbreaker utility skill, allof them are abysmal except elite bubulle -rework shield to also give boons or self heal at least raise it's use to be at least on the same level of usefulness than any other classes shields. -get rid of alac on bladesworn , trully build a support spec or rework spellbreaker to work with it -rework spellbreaker or bladesworn to have two pve variant build (please make it condi) -give core a three choise burst (f1 dps, f2 support/stun break/cleanse/... , f3 offhand -> utility/mouvement/ranged/cc/...)
  3. First of , i'm mostly ok with war ranged spear ( the two points i think are let down, the backward dodge, on a weapon who do more dmg the closer you get, it should not be a thing, and the fact it has no condi variation, why can we have more condi gameplay on war). But my main sticking point is, this is beyond barebone in term of animation and visual effects. I know warrior is minimalist compared to other class in this departement. But seriously, can we have some flashyness, some trail, some sparkles. Because to me these look like after thougths from leftover from over classes. This weapon is supposed to be linked too the sun spear, where is this theme in this weapon ? where sun, where parangon, lightbringer, kormir even, ... Where are the cool visuals ?
  4. Hi After rewatching the trailer for the next expac, something just jump out at me from old gw1 memories. I think that at least some of the antagonist are Titan related. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2:_Janthir_Wilds#/media/File:Janthir_Wilds_key_art.jpg https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Guild_Wars_2:_Janthir_Wilds#/media/File:JW_screenshot_11.jpg I mean look at this artwork. A three legged behemoth made from stone or wood and little version of it. To me it scream titan. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Titan What do you think.
  5. every cool and detail thing skin and other gyzmo are in the gems store, a fact. But no, i don't suggest it to be a 100 % in the gems store, i suggest it too be like most skins ,finishers, gyzmo,... and if you farm you can buy from gold anything in the gems store anyway so, it's a choise to pay from real money or not
  6. Don't take offence please but, A waste? Is it really? Is it more a waste than the 100th and more mount skin ? More than a black lion 16 skin pack every two patch? More than every new emote , boat, jade bot skin, toys and what not? I mean are you happy with the old animation for an interaction every player will do at some point or another ? a very old animation, who look a bit it's age today ? Would it not be fun to ress a friend by doing some spell or any other gyzmo ? or at least a updated animation ?
  7. i don't get why i have some "confused" react I made this thread to open an idea for more custom animation on a frankly outdated animation from the beginning of the game.
  8. this is just an idea for more customisation Everyone as res at least an npc or player at least once, are you not dismade by the "scratch you" animation to ressurect. I mean ok it's simple and apparantly effective, but would you not prefer to have your character : -bandaging ,giving remedy, doing cpr, using a med golem, using magic or any other loop animation who look more stylish than the base. bonus point arenanet could make the strange or flashy one on the gem store and other in PVE, PVP, WVW, reward.
  9. reworking traits or weapons would be a good start for condi spellbreaker. But i thinks reworking the utility skills too would open some potential to this spec. I mean look at this kitten things they are so niche in use this is painfull too watch.
  10. I have killed both of the 2 bosses needed for this achivement at least 3 time each. This achivement does not take it into acompt. Also most of the time these bosses seems to bug or conflict some of there abilities causing them to become momentary impossible to strike, or they spam certain moves back to back.
  11. Let's analyse the different moves shown in the video: 1- leap ->Valiant Leap 2-simple hit -> ? (auto n°1 maybe) 3- round house hit ->? 3- 3 directions pull ->? 4- overhead hit -> ? (auto n°2 maybe) 5- Wirling hit-> ? (auto n°3 maybe) 6- backward dodge (maybe flip overskill with 7) 7- Charge -> ? 8- overhead hit->? (auto n°3 maybe) 9- might signet 10- Shout ->? (full animation) 11- Wirling hit-> ? (auto n°3 maybe) 12- Block ->Bullet Catcher 13- 3 directions pull ->? (that is the last hit on the video) i don't think they have shown the burst skill or maybe i would bet it is the shout
  12. It is unpopular BECAUSE everything else is powercrep. Simple wisdom of the many, if it was good in the first place it would be more represented in the general population of players. This was not the case then, it will surely not be the case now with the nerf on top
  13. Yes maybe scrapper is up there too (rigth now), but it doesn't change the fact that the dps race only exist with boons.(go do 49k without alac and quick) And warrior is at a major handicap there because of the restriction put on him. What would you choose between a Qharbinger and a Qberserker. the answer is the easiest to play or the more versatile one of them. And no matter the situation/encounter/ event the on choosen is not warrior because of this. This is the issue i'm trying too show.
  14. So let's do some explaining on why war boon giving way are the worst in the game. First you need to build up ressouces (flow/adre) witch isn't possible outside of combat. Then you need to go in a special mode (who goes on cd) using said ressource then you can finally give some boons by using yet another move (who goes on cd too). and they wishe us to be as efficient as the guy who can do boon just by entering a special mode and the guys who only have cd to worry about or the guy who have acces to ressources outside combat. Warrior has to many hoops to go throught to do the same role has classes who don't have them, this mean nobody will use him outside extreme niche play,, this is killing warrior. Please Arenanet simplify the pile of kitten restiction or take some of, we are the worst classe to give boons on already. (and don't even have a true support build)
  15. https://imgur.com/a/WjNzuv8 I don't know if it's a bug, but that happened soo. We friend now
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