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  1. I personnaly want hylek. Being a frogman , extra chilled on a big leaf, enjoying life. (and because i really like their color patern)
  2. who use natural healing, seriously, this is the only heal skill with a build in "auto boon strip" to better die (this skill is a joke, just use mending, this is the same without the kitten part)
  3. not even them. let's take a look: passive effect are good (for this 2 at least) but in your rota do you ever use the active effect on any war signets? No ! why? because they are not worth loosing the passive. This is proof that they are oudated, we should have a reason to use the active, but the effects are so niche with really long CD, there is no use for them. seriously this is why we are stuck with banners (and they are also not really great either ), banners are just the lesser of the worse options for group content. No other utilitys have great gro
  4. I have two idea i really want to see then buy: -turtle skin mount: elonian hydra ->this skin is an hydra, hydra are big inoff for 2 people , the 2 side heads can be cannons equivalent.(still need propulsion from the sadle) -Home garden type node : Aquarium/pisciculture-> the loot on this is secondary(some fish meat or else) , i really want some kind off display case for the fishes i catch (or to put a goldfish in). Please make it happen Anet this ones i would buy instant.
  5. like every warrior patch: -Nuked to the core making war desapear from pvp and wvw(again) -or nothing because war is "perfectly balance with the other class standar" in resume this is what's been happening for 5 year so it's gonna continue
  6. this meta has too much restriction, and with EoD it will be a dead event until they do something. Seriously this event with a minimun participation of 50, a 2 people event who can screw the event for all (plateforms) and in the end a 5 gold worth reward if it didn't fail . because of all of that it's not worth the effort and so it's a dead event.
  7. yep this is my eigth time doing it ,no completion. This is bugged
  8. i got a really broken bug, at the third phase against the sniper and the jadebot. The sniper would not come back to the plateform if cc at the start, and would shoot from far even if the bot was dead. I was stuck on that for 6-8 min on that not knowing what the Kitten to do now .
  9. this e-spec is really weird, slow as kitten and spammy at the same time mouvement weapon (not a good one) and a static gameplay, utilitys (fields) who put long range gameplay in front to be optimal on a close to middle range class(i'm still sour about no-range pistol) and this espec is really easy to farm and predict on competitive. So now i ask what was the deal here ? the point ? anyone find this e-spec playable ? (also the simple existence of berserk make it a thousand time more worst in compare)
  10. the good question here is not what to give to banners to make them even more meta but what give to banners to make other utilitys also a good thing to take. The mission here is to get out of the bannerslave meta and open build diversity not upgrading it to the only meta for war .
  11. thinking about making banners better. There is one small problem with that. Ok they will make them better but banner slave was born because banners was the strongest option in utilitys. Yes the other one are less important from the start (in pve at least), so what change to banners will make other option in utilitys better ? Do they just throw all other build out the window (even if there are none in pve at this time) to make banners even more the ultimate go to for war ? Banner was the root of war problem but they forgot there is a kitten tree on top of that, the other utili
  12. Yes but this time they don't have the weebs pushing the design, only main war the only theme here is "make it better" so with luck we're not getting kitten by "design over gameplay" stick they use for bladesworn.
  13. I will throw that here What i see when someone says "true support warrior" I- The commando "A warrior who with support of his team can face any situation as a tactical support" Core idea: support war with a condi possiblities Weapon: Short bow (has a heal boon weapon, with poison/bleeding as core condie) E-spec gameplay: 60 adrenaline bar with a twist ,it's a offhand burst (warhorn and shield pushed under the spot with that) and for the true gameplay 3 bar on the top who need 10 adre spend to fill up each.They summon a commando troupier (your crew ) who stick with you 30 se
  14. I don't get why cc don't have an dmg because on the other hand you have stab, resilience and utilitys who totaly negate cc. With dmg at least cc would be like normal attacks and stab wouldn't make them just a hammer(or else) strike with 6 dmg CC aren't game breaking in competitive now and with dmg they will just open new build , stab is the overpowered boons here that's all and it's ok , we just need an equal to it. So making that cc does "some" dmg would make them worth using even when negated. I get that their will be some tweaks to make it balanced but at least doing it w
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