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  1. Did the update already happen? Was this addressed at all?
  2. Any one mind posting when the update goes live if this was fixed or not? Thanks!! ❤️
  3. Just stay in your lane and don’t worry about how others play. If you’re smart enough you just don’t duel the build if spotted. Do you also try to fight a shadow arts thief? No, not if you have a brain.
  4. Yes, very clear that you don’t play Mesmer with these statements.
  5. The normal dumpster fire that fuels anet has went out and all the hamsters went home.
  6. Mirage to anet is probably their worst mistake in the game. I will be the first to say I have taken advantage of its mechanics to the extreme. But I will also say every class in the game has had its op moments and those players did the same. But other classes were given proper balance updates to fix the issues that didn’t out right nerf the spec into oblivion. No other class has had to deal with the indecisiveness of the direction of how the profession operates. This feels targeted to mirage in a very passive aggressive way to tell us that we shouldn’t play the game or that we have
  7. Did a in game report on the 22. No response. Posted here on the forums. It’s been over a week, I feel we deserve any kind of response from anet on the state of their game that has been very unclear and disheartening. I get there may be other issues that need to be fixed first. We’re just asking for a response is all. This kind of behavior from anet is only causing more frustration.
  8. Anet, own up to your own bull kitten and come clean. You will feel better for it and we can all move on.
  9. I seriously don’t know why they don’t just delete Mesmer from the game at this point. It has been their intention for a long while now to phase out Mesmer from the game. Just kittening do it already. Power gs burst is the only viable build at this point in any game mode. And I don’t even play pve content, who actually needs a burst Mesmer in pve content? Anet, the true trolls here. Live with that.
  10. Keep on bumping the thread. We at least should get a response from anet on their intention with moving forward. The hopefully “bug “ isn’t going to fix itself.
  11. Mesmer wasn’t really even a class people played in vanilla gw2. Wasn’t until the expac with support chrono which was completely nerfed off the face of the planet and mirage with pof . However mirage was insanely op. Depending on the players skill lvl mirage was able to easily 1v5-10 with down’s and a few stumps. With the alacrity update to staff it made it viable again and NOT op. It was balanced for the first time mirage has been a thing… and now this.
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