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  1. Ran into someone doing this last week, really annoying.
  2. Agree with this, been having a lot of fun with it in open world, it's really stronk.
  3. Cele is best atm. It does everything well.
  4. Hammer could really use some QoL attention, some ideas: Skill 1- Faster Auto Skill 2- Add an evade during leap + better tracking Skill 3- Faster projectile speed Skill 4- Add a 300 range lunge/dash and increase target cap from 1 to 3. Skill 5- Can be used while moving. But as it stands atm, while Hammer can be fun, it's just a worse great sword.
  5. I always thought spectral walk was the most overloaded single skill.
  6. I think OH sword is just for mobility, cause the dmg of executioners strike is rly rly... rly. bad. Not to mention even trying to land executioner's strike full animation on a moving target is a crap shoot at best. It definitely needs more, maybe something that buffs the WB or weakens the target hit, or simply a small shadow step on the follow up attacks if the 1st hit lands. Also, it would be nice if there was a trait that added a 2/s cripple to your WB flames or something other than a few short immobs to help keep people from just running off.
  7. Only people left complaining about FB prob don't play it. 2/3 of the tomes decrease your dmg to zero and all make weapon skills unusable. Which mode do you think FB is still OP in? Cause it's bad in PVP, and in WVW it's just a stab/boon bot. So that leaves PvE, so it raids you want them nerfed in? Cause all other PvE doesn't really matter.
  8. There is no place or game mode in which anyone would ever take the new elite other than to screw around. By design it's worthless compared to other options. Perhaps it should be re-designed, but if the design goal was to give the guardian a useless new elite, they have succeeded.
  9. If chat is moving, and is more than 300 range away, scepter can't keep up. XD
  10. Honestly other than longbow, all guardian ranged options are pretty much the worst attacks in the game in terms of reliably hitting a non stationary target.
  11. Honestly Anet needs to do a pass on all the classes base weapon skills, give ones that obviously suck or are under tuned some love.
  12. Should add a homing effect to the projectiles the sword shoots, and have the skill not root you. *Sad Guardian noises*
  13. So, like many have said, Willbender was in a better spot this last beta than the previous, but it still needs work. When I'm discussing Willbender things below, this will be from a pvp/wvw viewpoint. So from my understanding, Willbender loses it's virtue passives and gains the new active virtues mechanic along with Willbender flames. So let me say both the virtue triggers, and the Willbender flames, are fairly bad at providing both damage, sustain or survivability. Willbender flames: They look flashy but are effectively worthless in pvp/wvw, along with any trait that effe
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