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  1. Vindicator: The changes were needed, but for the Alliance the change were to drastic and removed what the Alliance was supposed to be, which is a energy based skill with switching effect Now it's just a third legend you can focus. Previously: When you used the Skill switch it did a full switch (B=Viktor, R=Archemorus), What happened was that if you were in BRRBR and you switched you would end up as RBBRB. While if you used the healing skill, you go from BRRBR to RRRBR Instead I would have had the F2/Energy Meld become Archemorus and F3 become Saint Viktor (+ an additiona
  2. I think it would be more interesting to close it right before the beta and open another for the beta, then we can compare the difference
  3. They fixed it, but in a quite lazy way, by making them into separate legends, the skill switch (which was the most interesting thing in the Vindicator) just straight up became the same thing as Core Revenant
  4. Well that's kinda disappointing, it's not going to change much from core Revenant, at least the skill switch was (though difficult to control for the beta) an interesting concept that needed to have more player control. Now you're just gonna have a 3rd Skill pack but with the same energy pool
  5. From what I understood, it's still 1 button (Now F3 instead of F2, which remain Energy Meld) so you are still just flipping your board (From RBBRB->BRRBR) instead of pushing it in a single colour (Which I what I was explaining
  6. If the Skill still switches on their own, then it would not be a great fix for me, I'd prefer for the switch to make it so you switch only the Blue or Red skills to their counterpart (As in BRRBB->Move to Red-> RRRRR or move to Blue-> BBBBB), with Energy Meld belonging to Archemorus (As he is the more Physical focused) while Saint Viktor would get another skill While on another Legend those skill would work as before but without the Skill switch
  7. Even if it simply became a submarine like a Transformer it would be better than what is currently implanted
  8. Greatsword Engineer that use it as a DJ Soundboard thingy
  9. Small Numerical Adjustment, or more consequent mechanic change ? I hope the Alliance mechanic will get a big change (to give more control to the player) Greatsword:
  10. Yesterday a Deadeye was playing with our nerves and just attacking and rapidly retreating into stealth/further away, as we didn't want to get picked off we remained near the gate but it was still quite annoying till the Deadeye slipped up and got hit by some stun and got quickly downed
  11. It's impossible to give the same number of Weapon skill to each Profession Like the Elementalist for example has a minimum of 8 Weapon skills (offhand) to 20 if 2h So being fair by giving the same number of skills wouldn't work since the Elem would have 4x the normal skill set
  12. I've seen thread against the Specter, in the Necromancer category
  13. I'm going to spend a few euros to get some gems to unlock the LS and what not (no key at the moment as I'm in belgium currently) during the Black Friday Other than the LS, what interesting/useful item are are worth the expense ? World Boss Portal Device Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device Bank Tab Expansion Storage Expander Atm, I'm thinking about taking the WB Portal Device and possibly a Bank or Storage tab, whether one is more useful than the other
  14. Scams have existed all the time, so no need to give them a bridge to enter the game, it's not the first forum where i've seen someone advocate for the NFT like things, each time the response remain the same, it's a game, if you want to get money, start streaming, making content, not become part of an elaborate scam
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