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  1. It's a patch notes thread. Well, no, it's a plea to any dev who'll answer some questions because there's just...so many aspects to the most recent list that I'm confused about. I understand this list was a preview and not the full changelist. Even so, it is very concerning from what I have seen and certain trends just...don't make sense to me. The Catalyst (re-)nerfs were very much inspired by the recent world clear speedrun videos done by those various niche guilds who enjoy that sort of thing, though Cata nerfs in general are focused around ANet looking at Cata Stacking and f
  2. Bigger numbers for Power builds all around. I'm not too sure where to begin for this one: bigger raw numbers? Bigger power coefficients? Hard to say. Viper's a thing so you don't want to push that to even more ridiculous strengths...but buffing power will indirectly buff Viper's, so. 🤷‍♀️ At the very least, bigger numbers for Vindicator would be nice; if it's going to be a Greedy DPS spec with little to no utility to bring to a group's table, it needs to justify its existence with big numbers or else you have the issue of commanders going "welllll I'd rather have the Quickbrand/Scourge/R
  3. Being perfectly honest I think the Commander should have buried Caithe in a shallow grave yeeeears ago, but we lost that opportunity in favor of...letting Aurene imprint on the Commander and Caithe both, I guess. 🤷 But I digress. The only rational story angle I can think of for why Caithe is favored as being Closer To Aurene is that the Commander serves Aurene's interests better exactly where the Commander does their job best: in the midst of a battlefield, trying to right wrongs and quell conflict where necessary. Meanwhile, Caithe can be as close to Aurene as she needs be given tha
  4. * Preferably have main-hand axe as a weapon, synergizing decently with off-hand axe or off-hand sword. * Another Human legend, because I wanna see Asura/Norn mains keep being mad that the GW1 Nostalgia Class keeps referencing GW1 characters (the vast, vast majority of them being Human). Not to say a Gadd or Svanir Legend wouldn't be aces, buuuut there's just more interesting Human villains. Sorry. * Another villainous legend, preferably one tied to the region that expac's espec has. Path of Fire could have given us Varesh Ossa (nice quadruple whammy of: WoC, villain, intimately tied
  5. To answer your changes: Phase Traversal: Unblockable damage is one of Shiro's gimmicks, I wouldn't cut this from PT and especially with the blegh state Power is in at the moment. But with all the changes you intend...PT would *still* be unusuable unless it costed like 10 Energy (because, as stated by someone else, it's competing with Nomad's Advance for a gapcloser and Scavenger Burst for Quickness application...and *both* skills are better than PT, albeit only because the nerf bat hasn't been pointed at Vindi yet). Riposting Shadows: Honestly I think it's fine as-is, though I would
  6. godddddd tell me about it 50 Energy for a CC button that does less barbreak than flesh golem charge, an overcosted gap closer, an underwhelming lifesteal heal...and apparently if you buff any of these Shiro somehow ends up too strong because Impossible Odds is bonkers (which, it *is*, don't get me wrong) and the entire skillset is balanced around/orbiting that skill.
  7. I would disagree since the 3s of quickness still isn't enough to push the button. Even going full Diviner doesn't justify it, you only get maybe one or two extra seconds.
  8. For context: >May 17,2016: The cost of this skill has been increased from 20 to 35. A change for PvP and WvW that ended up badly hurting PvE players in the process. >August 28, 2018: The energy cost of this skill has been reduced from 35 to 30 in PvE and WvW. A "minor" buff for the skill aimed at the non-PvP gamemodes...but 30 Energy for this kind of skill hurts. But...can't this skill just cost 20 Energy again, now that it's very much possible to keep such changes contained to PvE?
  9. I'm going to reply on the assumption that you're arguing in good faith. First off: as others have said, this sort of thing encourages bad monetization for GW2 and especially in the foreseeable future. It's a line that can't be uncrossed: once you start selling Legendary Weapons, what stops you from selling Leggy Armor, Accessories, Backpieces, etc.? What then stops them from making Gem Shop-exclusive Leggy game pieces? What about Legendary...Chairs? Mini pets? A Legendary Omni-Gathering Tool? Again: not a line you want to cross. It's like blood in the water for corporate suits.
  10. The average player is someone who (going off of raw guessing): * Only plays the game. No forums, no subreddit, no external sites. * Mostly they log in, cash in their daily rewards, maybe do some dailies if their skill level permits it, and then use the game as a glorified chat room (so mostly lounging in LA or DR). * Gear is going to be a hodgepodge of whatever the game gave them plus the rare exotic piece or three based on what they get from map completion, karma vendors if they actually checked, or rare drops from world bosses. This statements applies and extends to all their
  11. something something different gaming culture between east and west The whole thing is fascinating and ties pretty heavily into why there's so many p2w freemium games in places like mobile phone app stores (tldr: they're popular and can make crazy money despite how f2p unfriendly they are), but yeah, I'm not surprised CN has access to straight-up p2"not play" options for their Gem Shop.
  12. It's a little of both. In games with a proper aggro system, a tank kittening up (underperforming in aggro gen, underperforming in either healing or DPS based on class) can be pretty lethal for a party, but it'll be context-reliant on everything else too. Could a dps off-tank in case of an oopsie-doodle on the tank's behalf? Could the DPS's simply out-burst the mobs while the healer's running double-time? But in GW2, a dps dying can be *felt* in how sluggish an encounter goes. And with some encounters having enrage timers (e.g. Aetherblade CM), a downed DPS drastically reduces your ch
  13. inasfar as asking for specific classes: some quick or alac classes are better than others in doing a secondary thing alongside their main boon. Case in point is Firebrand which *still* has the in-game most reliable amount of aegis to be provided, along with stability thanks to Book 3. DPSing is a lot smoother when you don't ever worry about dodging or breaking your rotations.
  14. I agree that Archie's skills and the GS skills need tuning (in particular the autoattack chain could stand to be...crunchier? not sure how to make this make sense), but the issue with Legendary Alliance is that it's already doing so little for how much kit there is. It'd be better for Vind and really for most eSpecs to just take what it already wants to do—strike damage on Archie's side, healing/defense on Vikky's side—and make those numbers better. Besides, nothing you can give Alliance will really top what Renegade puts out with Blood Fury/Heartpiercer/Vindication (irony!).
  15. That's just Renegade. 😒 I'd rather Vindicator actually be a good Power spec that either brings something unique for the party to the table or otherwise has the Big E-Peen Numbers to back up its selfishness. As it is now, it has neither.
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