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  1. Yeah, i started playing GW2 pretty much at the beginning so i would say i played all metas when they ware released. Naver had any problem with joining metas, events etc. Well i personally never payed much attention to commander names, when i wanted to do meta i just joined Commander tag in LFG, and if i couldnt join for more than few clicks, i tried another. It worked great till DE meta. I am not fan of queues too, but still system we have now is not better than queues, i wouldnt mind if Anet would come up with some better solution.
  2. Lets say we have 6 groups in LFG, 2 are organized and 4 are not, normally if you couldnt join 1st or 2nd group u would just join any that is not full, but if event is organized than all of ppl will try to join those organized groups making more trouble to join specific instance. So if someone done DE meta and knows that "Organized |ALAC etc etc|" group has more chance of success naturally ppl will try to join this one group, in other content u just see group names like this: "Meta", "meta XX" "meta 123" etc etc. so it doesnt matter which group u join there, one is full u just go to the ne
  3. One more important thing in my opinion, GW2 is NOT optimized for organized open world meta events - there is no queue system when joining someone's instance, so clicking for an hour to join squad is not rly fun way of playing.
  4. Personally started playing EOD when it came out, around two weeks after release and around 10-12 tries i got my egg, did around 5 runs after, not one of them was succesful... personally i was too bruned out of this map and didnt even done this event again. I remember tequal, triple trouble or dragons stand, those metas ware hard at first but today they dont require discord, alac subgroups etc etc. i just think there is a thin border line between hard OW content and TOO HARD OW content. If some OW event requires, discord, guildes, sub groups in my opinion it stops being
  5. Yeah it could be seeker, also fighting champs in OW it not rly fun also, often when fighting them when i start dragon slash i get CC'ed or champ just moves out of range, and even skill 2,3 or 5 cant rly help it coz it went after someone else and is too far 😞
  6. If that was the case then its even worse 😞, how are we supposed to defend against it?
  7. Traits i have used: Strength: 3 - 2 - 1 Discipline: 2 - 3 - 3 Bladesworn: 3 - 2 - 2 Stab is on 8s cd, dragon trigger 7s cd I was fighting with 5-6 mobs, so maybe few of them casted fear on me in same time
  8. Yes i tried to use skill 4, but the fear from enemies happened instantly the moment i started charging 😕
  9. So i mostly play thief but like to play warrior from time time, so after changes to elite spec asended weapon collection i thought i would play some bladesworm to get his ascended pistol skin. I logged to warrior and went to echovald to kill some mobs to try build, skills etc. I started fighting with few mobs, filled my flow bar, eneterd dragon trigger, started charging dragon slash and... BAM some enemy instantly cast fear on me the moment i started charging dragon slash, my char started running all over place, dragon trigger is on cd... i think ok lets try again... few secon
  10. Thief is rly agile - lots of mobility skills, and rotation is simple coz of initiative system. Also as a thief u can spec to be Ranged DPS (Condi or power), Meele DPS (Condi or Power), Support (ranged or meele).
  11. Even better, use ranger pets as MOUNTS 😄
  12. I remember GW2 with full berserker party, and ur only support was dodge and personal heal... but stacking in dungeons wasnt best made XD My point is that its good to have more variety in builds, that we have more support, condi, boons options but i think GW2 was made with dodge and personal heal in mind so this should be enough to finish everthing. Support (Bonns, barriers, heals) should not be mandatory and be EXTRA option when ppl need some help with fighting something they have real problem with. - Non Casual - Can finish content with only thier own dodge and pers
  13. I wont recommend something insted i will say what i absolutly DONT RECOMMEND - Razer naga trinity, after 3 months of useing it LMB started doubleclicking, i sent it on warranty and got new one. but guess what... again after 3 months LMB started double clicking again... i gave up, not a single mouse broke up so easily, i thought maybe it was may fault but i read around internet and lots of ppl have same problem with razer naga trinity ;/
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