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  1. When I tried to play in EoD I've seen several metas with not enough people or simply fail even with a commander. You're right in saying that all metas rely on LFG to fill instances but most metas outside of EoD also fill without even needing to search for more if you're not "late" for it. For example if I'm on time or a bit early for a meta outside of EoD zones I almost never have to move to another instance to do it. This doesn't happen in EoD zones, at least in my experience, I always had to use LFG and move to another instance and often still fail the metas. And I agree with Ashen.29
  2. You should try to join a "turtle" group or make your own, I forced myself to do it several weeks ago (and haven't used the turtle after trying it once). It "only" took three tries with several people who never did strike missions, including myself. I didn't find this fun at all nor did I enjoy the experience but at least I'm done with it and could gladly forget about EoD completely and never do a strike mission again. Unless I'm forced to do so in the future, again.
  3. I almost never came back to EoD after capping these masteries, imagine if I could gain exp for it in other parts of the world I would've left EoD zones even earlier.
  4. I'm from FFXI that I played from 2003 to 2021, tried other more recent MMOs over the years including FFXIV obviously; it's awful. GW2 is the only one I keep coming back to even though EoD somehow tainted my enjoyment of the game.
  5. I have all mounts unlocked and I use the Skyscale pretty much exclusively. As someone else said I think adding this mount was a mistake. Since I don't care about going fast with Beetle or Griffon, I take the convenience of the Skyscale over everything else.
  6. Same here, send me a mail in-game if you need a code.
  7. I had to stop using it because of the crashes, even before the latest patch. I'm hoping they won't remove the DX9 version.
  8. This one's good because I indeed find myself playing a lot less since EoD.
  9. At least remove the useless "yeah!" animation every time my character catches a fish.
  10. HoT: Best of the best. PoF: Sound of the saddle. EoD: Is this still GW2?
  11. I've been in organized squads with commanders three times since this morning, three failed attempts. Five now*
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