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  1. I would like to pick No. 31 IGC: Nana Rose Account Name: twinkle.6342 Thank you.
  2. On my computer, this issue solved for a while after the staff said people were looking into it. I was able to log-in the day before yesterday and yesterday. But now it was the same. What happened when I opened the launcher earlier was that it started to download something. After this download, the launcher restarted itself. Since then, it was always "downloading 0%" and the circle turns for few seconds then gone. I put the guildwars 2 fold in the exception of Trends basing on other posts when this happened during beta few weeks ago. I didn't mov
  3. After starting the launcher, the cycle turns for few seconds. After that, the launcher is gone and the main window doesn't come up. I am not able to click the log-in bottom as my launcher didn't show that part to me. How can I log-in to join Halloween? Thank you very much.
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