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  1. The forum warrior brigade are literally incapable of not trying to turn every thread into a "warrior sucks" pity party "Anet hates us" "Junksworn amiright guys?" "Anet needs to revamp of our whole class, but also we hate anything that requires us to changes our 9 year old great/axe playstyle" "Have i mentioned i hate bladesworn in this thread at least 3 times yet? "Wahhhhh" " p.s. Bladesworn bad" Im a 9 year warrior main and would love to see warrior get some love, but holy skrit the constant pessimistic complaining by a handful of people on these forums is
  2. Double duo queue vs 5 solos is extremely common lately. It should never stack 2 premades on the same team unless the other team has at least 1 duo queue. Either bring back full 5 man queue in ranked or make it pure solo queue, this middle ground of duo queue only is flawed in so many ways
  3. >New/returning player has interest in pvp. >You tell him not to play pvp because its in a bad place from lack of players >Pvp stays in a bad place because of no new players This community sure loves to shoot itself in the foot and complain about it later
  4. "If they completely removed fundamental parts of the elite spec it wouldn't be good anymore" Orly?
  5. You could literally make that exact same statement about any spec in the entire game "If x and y were nerfed then <insert class here> would collapse in competitive" Its a nothing statement Also, how is it being propped up by unyielding dragon if the entire function of the trait is to augment the attack you claim is the "easiest attack to walk around/jump over"? If its such an easily avoided attack then why would that trait be in need of a nerf? Kind of contradicting yourself right there.
  6. Its pointless engaging with the bladesworn haters, many of them were hating on it the moment it was revealed before they even played it based on theme/weapon alone. They just want it outright deleted so their fanfiction elite spec can replace it instead Bladesworn delivered a spec that actually changes warriors playstyle while synergizing well with core warrior abilities and talents without just being core warrior+ tacked on mechanic like zerker and spellbreaker before it and they hate it for that. Its exactly what an elite spec should be It just so happens that the
  7. There's actually a decent amount of scenarios where you cant/shouldn't use the 2 skill and use the 3 skill instead. The 2 skill is very dangerous to use sometimes because it will often overshoot your target which can lead to terrible positioning putting you in dangerous aoe or even possibly falling to your death (harvest temple giant puddles and no railings with instant downstate if you fall off as an example in pve or dragon hunter traps/ being immobilized in pvp) Damage on skill 3 is fine, what is NOT fine is that any verticality makes this ability worthless, they need to recode it
  8. You dont have to wait to go back to your weapon set though? In pve at least you shouldn't be weapon swapping to the gunsaber in your rotation, you camp in axe/x and use f2 on cooldown, then it will automatically switch you to gunsaber after using f2 and you can use gunsaber skills at that point if you want and THEN you weapon swap back to axe/x. You can camp axe/x the entire time as long as you aren't using your weapon swap before using f2. The swap to gunsaber after f2 doesn't trigger the weapon swap cooldown like it did during the first beta so you can immediately swap to axe/x aft
  9. While kind of inconvenient it does allow you to proc the cleave attack trait in pve if you immediately weapon swap after dragon trigger so its not completely without purpose but it is pretty unintuitive in pvp I think the design intent is to allow you to quickly dump gunsaber attack ammo directly after dragon trigger without being "stuck" on gunsaber because of the weapon swap cooldown, it essentially acts as a "free" weapon swap to encourage the use of gunsaber attacks while still giving the option to leave it immediately for your second set. Kind of enforcing a rotation "flow" of weapon
  10. Just as ive suspected A lot of the people so critical of bladesworn haven't even taken the time to actually play it and just have a kneejerk reaction to hate on it the second it was revealed and make biased claims based on their subjective "feelings" about the spec rather than actual experience digging into the spec and playing it thoroughly I rest my case
  11. Things warriors bad at playing bladesworn tell themselves to cope
  12. I have the same issue I assumed it was related to when they changed seasonal achievements to be reoccurring rather than being a brand new set copied each year like it was for the first few years. I have definitely cleared both world 1 and 2 in the past, i have achievements to prove it but all of my items and upgrades were gone, i noticed it last year but was busy at the time and didn't play it at all and didn't really care much. But yeah, something caused all my progress in SAB to be reset, never deleted my character, i kinda just assumed it happened to everyone
  13. Gotta love the "nobody wants it" The same couple people that complain about everything didn't want it The whiners aren't "everyone" The vocal minority of self proclaimed warrior mains that habitually cry about everything do not speak for all warrior mains
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