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  1. I think this one actually makes perfect sense of you stop to think about it. It's just funny because I don't think it's something you'd expect out of a beast race, but take any fantasy race that's both literate and hooks up, and the two would be bound to cross over at some point. 😛
  2. I think you have to pick and choose visual elements to ignore when it comes to immersion, and that dividing line is going to change based on the player. Everyone is simultaneously both the commander and not, which can be any race or appearance. The way I see it, dressing up as a clown is part of that experience, because you really do have people who like to look gaudy. And if you stuck them in a world where magic exists, they're absolutely going to find a way to incorporate it into their fashion. They're balanced out by people who prefer the down-to-earth look, and I think both help each
  3. This is something I've been chewing on in my head for a while. For transparency, I'm just a solo megacasual-type, only been with the game for three months, and have only played elementalist so far, so I probably have a fair share of ignorant biases about this topic. But I'd be interested in hearing what other people think, even if my thread comes off looking stupid. When I was first leveling up, I didn't really have a concept of what was good or bad at the time, so I largely just leveled up as water/air/arcane with a staff and was enjoying myself. I rotated through my available weapon typ
  4. Yeah, I guess you're right. It's probably just a lot of wasted effort on my part. I was trying to do them anyway because I figured if I wasn't at least attempting to make use of all of my attacks while leveling (even if it gets overwhelming at times), then I'd just be that much worse off if I ever try group content. I'd rather fumble and mess up while solo than if people are expecting me to pull weight. :x
  5. This could just be inexperience (and/or I'm just a terrible player) but unless an enemy was noticeably larger than my charr, I found it difficult to read enemy attack animations for the purpose of dodging attacks while leveling in core content. Between my character taking up some visual space of the enemy, and my spell effects caking the rest of it, I ended up learning a bad habit of "you're going to get hit anyway, so don't bother dodging animation-based stuff and use Sandstorm blinds to tank instead." HoT quickly whipped that out of me, but I still have an underdodging problem because I
  6. I know this is outside of the scope of my thread so I'm going to stick this in spoiler tags just on the off-chance someone else is still working their way through the story as well and doesn't want this spoiled for them unprompted, but the other day I finally finished LW4 chapter 3, and I was pretty kitten enraptured by it. To be honest, I'm not sure if the game's going to be able to top that for me. I loved it all so much.
  7. Yeah, I get that the game needs to seed future story bits in order to keep the plot going, and there's always going to be an element of the hero being thrown into wild and wacky situations or else you don't have much of a hero's journey story to tell. Doing that seems perfectly fine to me. It was just an extreme whiplash moment that the player character seems to jump right in without question, given that Charr having an opposing background compared to humans. I don't know how the other races fare politically with humans, but I remember my leveling experience being very upfront that the in
  8. From what I understand, Might's duration doesn't actually stack at all. Instead, its potency stacks instead. So if you were to trigger all four of those effects you listed, you effectively have 3 separate Might buffs: 2 for 9, 5 for whatever on interrupt, 3 for 10. And the game condenses those all down into a single boon timer that grows or decays as the individual sources appear or go away "off-screen," so to speak, which is why 2 stacks of might fall off after 9 but you still have that one leftover second of 3 stacks because of Thrill of the Crime. My Fury is stacking in duration
  9. When I did it, I remember the Zhaitan fight being a 10 minute slog where I got overwhelmed by adds that I had to constantly chew through while dying over and over and over because the NPCs decided moral support was all I needed. I remember the cannonshot tooltip saying that you had to hold down the button to shoot further, but apparently that isn't actually necessary so I was delaying shots for nothing, which just made adds catch up and gank me more often. Then I'd have to clear them all out and try again. It was only in the final minute that a couple of the NPCs started aggroing stuff; up unt
  10. Oh yeah. You're going to be salvaging a -lot- of gear throughout the game, so one thing you can do is right-click a salvage kit and select options to automatically dismantle everything in your inventory that's blue/green and below. You can also right-click stacks of unidentified gear to automatically reveal them all at once, provided you have the inventory space for everything. Rapid-salvaging in this way priorities items from left to right, top to bottom. So if you're a little crunched on room and have way more than 25 items to break at a time, move any unidentified stuff to the very las
  11. Also, if you weren't aware, the game's story has content that goes in between expansions called Living World. There are 4 of them in total; 2, 3, 4, and Icebrood Saga, and none of them are bundled in when you buy the expansions, so you'd have to make separate purchases (or exchange gold to gems and buy that way) if you want that content. Season 1 was limited-time only and unavailable, although a summary recap is available when you finish the core campaign. If any of your friends care about story in games, they'll want to know about that going in, because you're going to have some context-
  12. I didn't actually try out Catalyst's beta when it was available (neither hammers or the supposed magitech theme vibe with me) but I have a question about a couple of the mechanics for those who did, from reading the wiki on their abilities. How does Elemental Empowerment work? It looks like a slow ramp-up maintenance buff that will end up falling off if you spend too long out of combat. Between that and energy decay, the impression I get from reading the spec is that you'd want to run around and try to chain enemies together to minimize your out-of-combat time, which sounds absolutely mis
  13. I love everything about this concept from the weapon choice to the 5th element and the skill mock-ups and now I'm bummed that it doesn't exist.
  14. This just sounds like the newest variant of people complaining about "lazy kids these days," which is a complaint that's been going on for millennia. 20 BC: "Our sires' age was worse than our grandsires'. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the world a progeny yet more corrupt."
  15. I haven't actually played Catalyst myself and have only looked at the wiki, so maybe I'm off-base in asking about this. But from a glance, does the F5 sphere option really need to be an F5 ability? Given that elementalists already use F1-F4 slots already, could the spheres be incorporated in the UI the same way Tempest uses an Overload ability by swapping out your active attunement's button for the sphere mechanic instead? That way, you can just double-tap your chosen attunement instead of reaching for the F5, since it's not like you can deploy spheres outside of your current attunement a
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