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  1. He is on SoS now. People generally do not leave SoS, because it is mainly Oceanic.
  2. Canon-wise? Mesmer, Necro and Engineer. Maybe Elementalist if Balthazar counts.
  3. Sorry, I meant full Celestial. Is there no power sustain build which works? I thought condi sucked kitten with Hammer.
  4. How do you manage to do enough condition damage to make this worth it?
  5. Oh? What happened? Did he take heaps of people with him?
  7. A full tank ele does not do anything, though. They just draw shapes in the ground then run off. If one 'tanks 10 people' then those 10 people have serious problems with this game.
  8. What the...? People do not want to die because you lose bags, and WvW has so little loot to begin with.
  9. Anet need to understand the game first, then they could do weekly tweaks.
  10. Hammer is useless in spvp and an absolute death sentence in WvW. It also does less dps than a faceroll Virtuoso, while requiring a static boss with no blocks/invuls/projectile destruction. The Catalyst also has no identity without it... Catalyst has no design. It is an amalgamation of trash.
  11. Oh yeah, that facet fight is the worst in the game (equal with bugged Soo-won).
  12. Yeah, season 2 is slooooooooooooooooow, and very poorly and erratically paced. Was painful redoing it. Silverwastes is great, though.
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