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  1. On the topic of making the game more accessible to newer players or those of us who have disabilities such as older eyes, have you considered adding a map search function? It needn't be anything fancy. A simple 'type it in and a flashy is added to your big map and on your mini map' would be nice. Even a message saying "That area is somewhere with the fog of war of area "X" would be nice." You see, for people like me, with no sense of direction and eyes over the age of 40 and not much game background or ability to remember locations due to a stroke, I spend WAY too much time searching your ma
  2. Just joined, 10/13/21. Folks are very welcoming and helpful from the start. Awesome lvl 29 Gilded guildhall but honestly, it could be just people on a chat that I could group with and I'd be happy. They are that supportive and warm. And instant homey feeling.
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