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  1. Hi all, So was looking at the power quick herald build and seems good. Was wondering… shall i go with the SC or hardstuck build? the one has 30% book duration the other 50%? do you really need 50%? also because theres many different stat pieces i dont really want to make more sets for open world… is it good enough for open world to? thankyou
  2. Do you have an example build i could follow plz? @Threather.9354
  3. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAwyFlhyUZgsP2IW8X5RXA-zVJYihvQarAyMF6MCUbA-w What do u think of this build for roaming guys?
  4. Hello I just wondered if anyone can share with me some good willbender wvw builds? i am having tons of fun with willbender in pvp and wanted to do some wvw also but dont have a clue with what to run
  5. Hi all As title whats the current best open world pve catalyst build or if not catalyst any ele spec?
  6. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can suggest a good mechanist open world pve build plz?
  7. what will survivability be like on this? Thankyou btw
  8. Hi all, I know we wont know much till EoD is out properly, However to start off i just wondered if anyone has suggestions on a Open World PVE build i can use for my Vindicator to get the ball rolling. Thanks 🙂
  9. Hi all, I know most builds can work in open world, but just wondered if anyone can tell me probably the best open world pve build i can use for my guardian right now? thanka
  10. Hi all, Just wondered currently whats the best warrior build for open world content such as solo play, story and also meta events/ champions etc
  11. Hi all, Just wondered what you think the best build is for ele for open world content? Would it be weaver or tempest? Just looking for a general great spec to play as i enjoy ele. Thank you
  12. Thankyou! what are your builds and where did u get them from?
  13. Thankyou! what are your builds and where did u get them from?
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