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  1. Hello everyone and good morning to all As a new player to GW2 and as someone that enjoyed crafting in other games for example WoW, or even in single player games like Skyrim, how relevant is crafting in Guild Wars 2? Can you make good items, gear or weapons for your character or even to sell those at the trading post? I'm asking this because even if i used to like WoW, crafting always felt kind of irrelevant except for potions, glyphs to name a few. I was listening to a video yesterday about being able to craft Legendary weapons in GW2, is this true? And are they c
  2. Hello everyone and good morning As a new player to the game i have been wondering about the dungeons...i noticed that i have been in a few zones that have dungeons because of the icon on the map but i don't know if i can go there or if there are quests that takes us there, i am now level 36 and i think i'm missed something maybe? Am i doing something wrong? By the way how many dungeons we have in GW 2? About the gold as currency in the game, how hard it is to make gold in GW 2, knowing that there is a possibility for players to trade gold for store gems, did they made it harde
  3. Hello everyone. As a new player i didn't had much time to sink into the game as much as i would like to but i was wondering something. The game as a cash shop, mount skins, weapon skins, even armor skins and other stuff is there to anyone that wishes to buy them of course, in terms of the gear and weapons i would imagine that those are to make the character look cool or even a kitten , i was wondering if by playing the game itself, going through dungeons, raids and other content one can obtain good looking gear and weapons or the most flashier ones and even the most cooler o
  4. Hello everyone. I started playing Guild Wars 2 a few days ago, I'm really enjoying the game so far the world really feels alive, dynamic and always something happening around me. This isn't meant to be a negative point towards GW2 but having played World of Warcraft once i started my journey here this feels so different, i mean yes it is an MMORPG but compared to WoW it feels so much less stale and alive and much less boring. The idea in WoW of events are these world quests which mainly serve a farming spots for XP or some kind of rep towards a faction in GW 2 yes you get XP, re
  5. Yes but i can't do them as a level 2 character i think, correct?
  6. Hello everyone. So i got the game with all expansions when i bought the Collection Standard edition, is it possible if i want to to upgrade for Ultimate edition? I was trying on the website after the purchased of Standard and when i went to Ultimate it asks me to pay the full price of 99.99. About the living story, so we got these chapters that can be unlocked with gems, my question is you really have to buy them or they automatically unlock at level 80?
  7. But they all unlock at level 80 correct? Also they are content only doable at level 80.
  8. I know that i have made this post but honestly i don't see that as pay to win, people that buy the expansions and support the game and wish to have access to new features etc should be able to distinguish themselves from players that stay on F2P accounts no?
  9. Hello everyone. I started playing GW2 a few days ago, i bought the pack with all 3 expansions but i wonder how the living story works because i saw on this page https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/living-world-season-5-return-the-icebrood-saga-begins-next-week/ near the end that, and i quote, "You’ll need to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play episodes of The Icebrood Saga, but you can unlock them to play later if you haven’t upgraded your account yet.", i don't understand the part where it says that i can unlock them to play later if i haven't updated my account? If i'm correct
  10. But this something i don't understand, i need to buy the story parts or they will be available at level 80? Also, there's a few of them that aren't possible to buy at all, why is that? Is it considered kind of a legacy content?
  11. So i can still get the expansion content like the gliders and mounts right? About the living story is there a correct order than i can follow if i wish to go through all the lore or stories?
  12. Greetings. I don't have access to the living story? So what do the expansions bring to the table? How can get access to the living story?
  13. Hello and thank you for the feedback everyone, i should have referenced that i am on EU
  14. Greetings everyone. I just started playing a couple of days ago because a friend of mine that also loves MMORPG's started playing here. I just had this question cross my mind because of the in game store and so much stuff in it that i had no time yet to see it all but i was wondering if this game is P2W in any way?
  15. I have to learn so much about this game. If may ask yet again Veprovina is there a good youtube channel you would recommend for me to watch about guides for this kind of stuff, builds even etc? I was also wondering in what server you play or if you play on EU, could always use to add some nice people .
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