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  1. Thanks Healix. I can normally login without the VPN when using a different network. The network I am currently on for the next month has a firewall that won't let GW2 through. As such, I am using a VPN to get through it, but I get an error 7 message when I use the VPN. I will try your suggestions and hope they work. I just really want to go say hi to Steve. Thank you.
  2. I am staying at place that has a firewall that blocks me from using GW2. As such, I am using a VPN (Bitdefender) to get through the firewall, but now can't log in to GW2 (I can however access the internet, download GW2 data, and log in here). I have exempted GW2 from Bitdefender, reinstalled GW2, restarted my computer, rebooted the modem, plus every other thing GW2 recommend for an error 7 plus a few ideas I found online, but have had not luck. I have also contacted GW2 and Bitdefender, but responses take awhile and I want to resolve this problem asap. Has anyone had a similar experience and h
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