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  1. Can't enjoy the Meta Event because it is always full. This is kitten. On other Meta Maps like Auric Basin you will always get a free slot.
  2. Often my pet doesn't attack and staying around like there is nothing.
  3. There are also some things I don't like about. 1. All pets have the same attacks in untamed mode. 2. Pet doesn't use the F1-F3 while in downstate. Core Ranger does and engi mech also. 3. Unleashed attacks are realle weak and the time is to use is to short. 4. There is no real difference between untamed and normal attacks with hammer.
  4. Wow. Very stupid balance! How about Lich Damage? How about Guardian's traps and burning damage? Guardian burning deals more damage on Power Guardian as core condi engi. The pistole one is rediculous bad.
  5. First of all it's fun! But bring back the toolbelt, when Mech is'nt called, like Holosmith. And please bring customizable Mech options or Skins in Shop.
  6. There is a bug, where the Mech will get recalled automatically and crashes down after. And repeating all the time.
  7. It's so bad. Low dmg in pvp and often died while dodging. And everyone can see its coming and easily outrun it... useless wow.
  8. Too slow, to low damage, unfinished animations like fire 4 suddenly disappear, the 4 skills are useless. No fun for me. All other ele specs are way more faster. I think all new elite specs are way to slow and clunky.
  9. So far the most fun elite spec of all three today. But every skill on greatsword is just an existing skill, you can feel it.
  10. F2 skill feels useless. I never build up all flow in pve and can't move or dodge while in this mode. It's not rewarding. Pistol is fun, but only has two skills.
  11. Fighting feels so slow. The same applies to all other new elite specs so far.
  12. Hi, I've noticed that the spike trap only deals 350 bleeding dmg and nothing more. What happened? Can't find anything in the patchnotes.
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