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  1. I assure you necro is not only op in ranked but also in „competitive 5v5/daily/monthly AT“ sure a lot of people don’t know how to counter it but that’s also due to the fact that there’s very little you can do about it in the first place @frareanselm.1925
  2. Bro do you consider world of Warcraft pay to win in pvp after each expansion? buying an expansion that offers stronger class options sure could be called p2w…except everyone has access to it at a very reasonable price and, may I say this, is expected to purchase it
  3. Except this game needs something new, quite desperately so. balance patches won’t save it. we need more new players and we need big incentives to bring old players back. nothing better to achieve that outcome than a good expansion
  4. ^a lot of People agree with you on the post February stuff went downhillI agree too but I take this patch as a sign of it getting better again because it actually is a good one, just missing a few things
  5. Thing about this patch is that it addressed a lot of issues in „higher tiers“ where dh just isn’t a problemFor ranked q where people can’t deal with it however it still is a reality that dh is very strong against people who don’t quite know how to deal with itIm assuming it will be addressed in the next patch
  6. Not sure what you’re on about? There are things missing in the patch yes but if you just objectively look at it pretty much all the changes are good for the game, a semi big step in the right directionAide node meta got more interesting and i doubt we’ll see as much renegade spam now so it opens up to more varietyNow you tell me what you dislike about this patch and I’m pretty sure you will say herald and yes, there are some things that should be changed about it, for instance making sword 2 a bit weaker and increasing the upkeep cost of glint heal so you can’t always have it ready at no downs
  7. yo these changes are actually really good. sure there are still things that need to get changed but it actually is a really good patch targeting the correct things
  8. title..it's fucking annoying to not know how many ppl are left/if there is anyone even playing at all :)
  9. Uhm, nobody plays staff anymore..for months already @Yasai.3549
  10. Sir, if you nerf speedrunes so that you get 33% movement speed while under the effect of swiftness..then you truly are a genius @Master Ketsu.4569
  11. The reason for why they showed what they intend to do is so People can give Feedback. That's exactly what my post is for.
  12. @apahrma.3741 Keep in mind that you cant just slap the same procedure on every single class as each of them is fundamentally different
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