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  1. There is nothing unbalanced about spammable access to stealth coupled with a specialization like Shadow Arts, combined with the ability to teleport around in a large scale open area 🤡
  2. Same old, same old... thieves spamming a thread where stealth or thief gets mentioned in a negative way 😆
  3. Probably because its more relaxing to run around with a large zerg, where you dont have to think that much about what skills to press or where to move.
  4. Please look into this and give stealth some kind of cooldown and hardcapped duration especially for thiefs. When in stealth give the thief at least 1000% damage taken and break the stealth as soon as damage is being taken. Because as it stand right now in WvW playing thief youre basically spamming stealth resetting fights while trying to kill someone rinse and repeat. All Im asking is for the team to look in to it and maybe tweak it a bit is all. Im not asking for it to be removed! Thank you!
  5. For the love of god, please do something. Im kinda tired of repeatedly doing the same JP's for my legendary collection
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