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  1. "Our plan includes quarterly profession updates, with smaller releases in between as we monitor and respond to how the meta in each game mode takes shape. " Huh... wonder where I've heard this before *ponder*
  2. If you use one of the jade bot recycler things (wood, cloth, metal, slivers) you can technically get "useful" stuff from fishing in wvw but it's 1:1 jade slivers:weed.. dunno about the materials. Inb4 jade bot and/or fishing get disabled in wvw due to unforeseen "rewards". heheh. PS: Pls install a fishing pond at high air shrine so I can fish for pve currency while waiting to fish for enemy players.
  3. I appreciate most people are screaming about turtles but for me, Fishing was advertised as a draw of the xpac (and actually the only reason I bought it). Turning off half of the achievement line and the final reward for a week and counting with no updates isn't a great look for an xpac launch. This doesn't make me hopeful that qol fixes for boats and fishing will ever be looked at either. Fishing is a cornerstone, confirmed :P. EDIT: Luckily I can purchase shiny fishing rod and skiff skins to use while making no progress! Hooray!
  4. Have we forgotten about the still turned-off fishing achievements? There's not been a single explanation or mention about this since they were turned off a week ago. 😞
  5. The tournaments aren't really worth doing and mackerel is rng only right now. Also attaching it to fishing tournaments as either part of the chest, a static reward, or even a merchant unlock for winning could be interesting. PS: Turn the avid achievements back on, I cannot fishing-flex without the spirit wood rod.
  6. But.... being trashtalked and called a hacker because some permstealth meme-eye forgot to hide their mini is funny.
  7. It was originally bannable to xrealm on warhammer online, then they had lockout timers and diminishing rewards and it made no difference. Diminished rewards are still more than no rewards 😄 and you don't have to pay as much attention. The thing I notice with gw2 is that they keep adding rewards or an easier time of it to the already winning side. You don't need to incentivise the winning side - winning is it's own reward... you need to be incentivising the losing side to keep coming. Sadly this is not the case and alliances will for sure not fix that.
  8. ❤️ I used Golden Axe music and sprites in Act II if that's what you mean? In the 8bit nightcap apocalypse bit. PS: Maybe not pause to ask the butterfly for an autograph, just to be safe.... 😄
  9. lol the moa guy! That made Telgrin's day... ty for the love ❤️
  10. ... It won't happen again. Happy Christmas from Gandara!
  11. Please don't fix this. The Hate For The HATEBOARRRRRRRRD is one of the last bits of entertainment left.
  12. Avcii's brutal and wins more duels.. But Thealpp has more heart. 😄
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