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  1. The issue is not virtuoso singularly. The issue is encounter design either requiring or heavily favoring the particular thing that one exact spec of one exact class is good at, to the point that no other options are even considered.
  2. Meanwhile: ArenaNet Presents Janthir Wilds Feat. The Eighth Raid!
  3. I had a random thought about Febe CM/LCM the other day: If Blizzard (World of Warcraft) or Square Enix (Final Fantasy XIV) released a raid boss and that raid boss either required or heavily favored one spec of one class to the point that 60% of team composition was that single spec or class, that encounter would be fixed/nerfed/changed/balanced within a week, if not sooner. Yet here we are with Virtuoso representing 59% of all classes in Febe CM/LCM and 98% of the DPS Role. And ArenaNet is apparently done fixing/nerfing/changing/balancing this encounter? That's a joke. Click CM or LCM, See class representation in the bottom right pie chart. ArenaNet raid design is deeply unserious.
  4. Condi druid doesn't even use shortbow smh
  5. This is a wild take. Soowon meta would not only be unbeatable for the vast majority of players, but the very small percent of the player base who could beat it with numbers like that would not be able to carry the people who can't. Arena net has clearly been designing content in EoD+ with larger numbers in mind. Spirit Vale is 9 years old these days, it doesn't need to be super challenging.
  6. Given that most of them are condition builds, I fully expect Relic of the Fractal to be nerfed.
  7. You're either not being genuine or blatantly ignoring things like finishers that also give might. No one player has to provide 25 might ever anymore. Get out of the 2015 mindset.
  8. Literally every class in the game maintains about 10 might. The idea that one person has to maintain 25 solo is an idea trapped in 2015. Get with the times.
  9. I'm still salty about alacrity on Celestial Avatar. Imagine if Firebrands had to put the majority of their healing on cooldown in order to maintain quickness. You want quickness? Get locked out of Bow of Truth and Tome 2 Nerd! I'm so salty.
  10. Forcing Druids to use Avatar on CD to maintain alacrity is bad and counter-intuitive to healer gameplay. Certain fights require you to have Avatar available at certain moments. Vale Guardian and Slothasor, for example.
  11. Counterpoint: With the exception of one notable specialization, Celestial is actively detrimental in endgame PvE settings. Anyone who shows up to raid with celestial stats is doing it wrong. Sorry WvW-ers. The set from the boost is there so new players can run around the open world and be okay without any knowledge of talents or skills. It's 100% not malicious and it's a bit ridiculous to suggest otherwise.
  12. Make a trait for Full Counter to heal yourself and allies. Make a mainhand weapon (dagger? mace?) have support utility so warriors can X/Mace or X/Horn or X/Shield. Do something with shouts and mediations so you aren't locked into all three banners.
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