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  1. I know I had a "hard" time firguring out what spec people were playing during EoD beta. Putting aside the meaning of the icon which can be pretty vague, I got jebaited several time when I saw the bladesworn icon into thinking it was a Mechanist since it had a bullet like icon. Yeah I know its dumb but I guess I gotta learn 9 new icons.
  2. It isnt really a matter of X gear vs Y gear but a matter of build and content. Traiblazer focus entirely on condi and survivability. So if you build around condition damage with weapon throwing a lot of condition and low strike damage, then you will exploit all your stats. If you use the same build with celestial, you will lose some condition damage and gain some healing but your power stats are wasted, kind of. Yes you will most likely deal higher white and crit damage (while criting more often) but it will remains low. And do you really need that extra healing ? As f
  3. Most relevant condi/boon already exist in the game, the issue is some classes have the monopole on the said relevant boon/condi. Aegis and guardian are good example.
  4. Power build didnt really got buffed, in fact it got slightly nerfed. Condition got a lot of buff in general in the form of stackable condition, expertise stat and old special boon turning into regular boon (like celerity), though the latter is more a matter of boon corruption. For roaming condition remains very strong (personnally I consider trailblazzer gear to be too strong considering how forgiving that gear allows you to be) but when outnumbered, you will deal with personnal and aoe cleanse so it kind of becomes less effective. Now as far as big mesmer change goes, I'm not a sp
  5. Now that I think about it, Deadeye introduce the kneel ability which change the skill of the rifle. Anet can always make an "aim stance" and a "hip fire stance" for the engi rifle. Aim stance would be your normal 1200 range shooting and some new skill like I dont know, a headshot that stuns the enemy for instance. Hip fire stance would basically be a shotgun. The shotgun stance could use the current rifle #3 #4 and #5 while the aim stance would have the #2 and a few more skill.
  6. Anet always had a bad marketing departement anyway. That is something they have to improve. That being said, I didnt know FF14 didnt even have to market their game. If it wasnt for my 2 cousins and my close friend playing the game, I wouldnt even know FF14 existed, let alone it is an actual MMORPG. If you're a fan of FF14 you would most likely know about the existence of a DLC but for anyone who doesnt play or doesnt have friends constantly reminding you that they're waiting for the DLC, you probably wouldnt even know its existence in the first place. And on that point FF14 isnt mu
  7. Well engineer lack weapons and rifle IS currently the only contender as far as 1200 range weapon goes. Yes some people will say "just use the mortar" and 1) it sucks at long range shot 2) it isnt great for balancing. I dont mind having a shotgun, in fact it would probably be more fun to play, however that would mean Anet needs to add another weapon that will give the engineer 1200 range. The easiest pick would be a longbow or a staff.
  8. In the original GW2 we killed a dragon In HoT we killed a dragon In PoF we killed a god In the living story post PoF we kill another dragon In IBS we kill not one but 2 dragons Then we have End of DragonS. On the french GW2 website, Cantha is being refered as "the Dragon Empire" , I havent played GW1 so I cannot comment on that but at this point, GW2 is basically a dragonslaying game with a good narrative. So does EoD refer to the end of Cantha....or does it means the future of GW2, if there is one to begin with, is going to be on the consequences of our past a
  9. There are people who leave forever or take a break but there are also new people who join in and (re)discover or just simply enjoy the game. Overall it remains enough to have a steady playerbase. As far as the funding goes, I cannot say much I dont have the actual number, but I'll give them some slack considering how cheap they sell the game. Unlike FF14 or many other MMORPG, it doesnt work on a subscription fee and that alone already cut them a lot of money. And that is also why I play GW2, I dont want to be forced to pay every month to play a game (and its DLC) I already have to
  10. I know there was a "troll" Commando class that was created at some point back in uh 2012 ? I dont remember but I genuinely think the Engineer could have a Commando spec. The weapon would be dagger on both hands and he would have access to trap type skill. The idea of the spec is to be trained in close fighting while lying traps. You could have for instance a heal trap that steals a bit of HP from the enemy and heals you for twice/three time the amount of HP stolen (I insist on the "a bit" part,I dont want the trap to be a heavy damage skill but at the same time I want it to be worth using). T
  11. To me, caster are basically classes that uses magic in casting form. Basically everything wearing light armour but if we really want to be specific I suppose it would be staff and scepter. users I guess Guardian and to a certain extent Specter are also casters.
  12. When HoT was released, we had to pay for the base game + DLC which made a lot of people angry. Anet understood that and fast forward to today, you basically get HoT+PoF for $30. Pretty sure during Black Friday you could get HoT + PoF + EoD for $30 which was a pretty good deal.
  13. Yes we get it you like FF14 it is the best game of the year, Endwalker is the ultimate DLC that ends all other game, great for you. GW2 main strenght has always been its open world map coupled with the event occuring on the said map. The game keep more or less the same popularity despite the lack of new raid, dungeon or "challenging content" and the dev understands that. EoD isnt going to be a big revolution for GW2 but it is going to bring more content, more activities, more specs to mess around with and more stories. So yeah I am looking forward to play EoD.
  14. I dont know how much gold I've spent in WP since I played the game, probably around few thousands if not ten / hundreds of thousands. I would probably be rich by now if Anet "refund" me all the gold spent in WP. That being said, WP are cheap enough that whatever you do on the map you travel will always refund the cost of using the WP so it's whatever. And we have mounts now. If Anet did not introduce mount into the game, then maybe I would see some potential for a free WP item especially considering how big some maps are but with mount (especially mounts like Griffin and Beattle),
  15. The physical strenght of the commander vary depending on the class and race. For the game balance a human warrior will jump as high as a human elementalist (same for running speed) however when you look at what physical achievement a warrior can do, it can be interpreted as the warrior not displaying its full strenght when doing casual run/jump. Charr and norn would definitely have a hell lot more raw strenght than human, sylvari and asura due to their physical biology.
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