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  1. Its not because of the sentence itself. Its because the rest of the players kept supporting this kind of behaviour by playing tough guys with the excuse of "maturity". "You re whining about it, grow up", regardless of how wrong people act. It is totally correct to tell people to go seek reembursement of expansions they bought. It is totally right to say to a player that rope is on discount on nearest hardware store (encouraging suicide). Also it is totally right to say that inuslting people builds character. This is what I feel like, as people keep acting in defense of who says thi
  2. Hey guys. I quited once, because of insults. Took some time off the game and decided to get back with another class. All the same, insulted over my DPS on an OPEN WORLD boss. (Legendary Facet). Then had to read on map chat the sentence on the title. "Insulting people builds character". Sorry, impossible to keep playing after this. Community drove me away from the game. And that is it.
  3. Hey. I like the game, have 2 lvl 80 characters and expansions. Once got to the "endgame" (lvl 80 and expansion content), my will to keep playing was completely drained by the toxicity of the endgame part of this community. No, its not the "perfect" community that people say it is. I got kicked from group content (fractals and dungeons) many many times, without even being told why. I got called a hacker for not dying to a boss when most people died to it, many many times I got insulted, harassed and disrespected. This, to the point of being told to get refund of expansio
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