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  1. I made nine new characters just to play the EoD specs. I genuinely really like all of them, Untamed is one of my favorites (but moreso because of its potential with buffs and not really its current state).
  2. Combat Training (PvE only Mastery) Step 1: Swift Engagement - Gain 5s of Swiftness whenever you enter combat (2 min cooldown). Step 2: Vengeful Spirit - Your attacking downed skills cast and recharge 20% faster and deal 10% more damage. Step 3: Master-at-arms - Gain Fury and Protection for 5s when entering combat with a two-handed weapon, and Might and Quickness for 5s when entering combat dual-wielding one-handed weapons (2 min cooldown). Step 4: Cling to Life - When you would be downed for the first time, instead heal yourself to 25% of your m
  3. If you had any thoughts on more professions that fist weapons would fit with (core or elite) I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  4. Fist Weapons (Gauntlets) in Guild Wars 2: Similarly to Staff, it is a close or long range weapon depending on the wielding profession. It's two-handed, and leans towards skills that are Power based (with some Condition Damage exceptions). Core Professions: Thief: A brawler set of skills that focuses on dancing around and grappling with the enemy. Has limited amounts of knockback with an emphasis on throwing enemies away and then quickly leaping to them. Engineer: Utility gloves with all kinds of functions. Close range taser for stun (daze if the enemy is close
  5. Perhaps this has been done to death but I've been prepping characters for EoD and gah. I love so many weapon skins that have such vivid color schemes that don't go with any of my armor configs! I'm on my hands and knees anet. At this point I would even accept not all weapon skins being dyeable, or weapons only having 1-2 dye slots. I understand going back and retroactively giving weapons dye channels is a lot of work, but it would elevate fashion to another level. Hell, they could just release weapons with dyes now and not do ANY retroactive work right away and I wouldn't mind that much. Anyon
  6. Wow someone understood that this isn't a decision that would obliterate the economy! Thanks for taking the time to consider it 🙂
  7. One of my favorite things about GW2 is how money-friendly the game is with gem items for the most part. Every now and then anet will give an item away on the gem shop, like a Black Lion Claim Ticket or a cape or something. I was thinking, what if there was one of these free gem items on the first of every month? A Black Lion Key one month, maybe a Heroic Booster another, and they could use it to give out cosmetics and other items too.
  8. I'm also interested in learning how the upcoming expansion has stimulated/affected the playerbase, so please answer honestly! Thanks 🙂
  9. Sorry, I copy pasted this from another forum and I think the formatting got a bit funked up. I bolded it to try and make more readable but there's no options for direct text formatting, haha I really appreciate everyone offering their thoughts - I will admit my viewpoint may be as it is because I don't play much PvP or WvW myself, and after talking to a few of my friends who do enjoy shield in these modes it seems they serve as an important defensive tool. Sorry to all the Holosmith fans I neglected with this post 🙂 I would not be opposed to that! DPSing with a shiel
  10. I adore Guild Wars 2's diversity in builds, from professions to specializations, to elite specializations, to weapons. However, one thing that I have been unable to enjoy is how Shields play. Now I don't just ALWAYS go full dps, I can enjoy some support/buff oriented gameplay every now and then, but playing shields has been a consistently underwhelming experience, even as a Chronomancer or Herald. Now I understand you don't HAVE to play them just because the Elite Specs make you able to, but when most of the Elite weapon sets are so satisfyingly designed, it feels bad for the shiel
  11. He wants the visibility, plain and simple. Best to not engage further
  12. This is my main thought as well. If they gave a lot of the existing armor sets more oomph i'd totally be into it.
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