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  1. Would love to see what builds you guys are on. Would like to try it out 😃
  2. The bug persists until Kaineng, stopped my game time today until this is fixed.
  3. U need to buy the mastery from the heart vendor it seems
  4. From the EoD Beta update "The trait Mech Frame: Variable Mass Distributor no longer increases the percentage of Power inherited by the Mech. Instead, it causes the Mech to inherit 100% of your Precision and Ferocity attribute values." Sorry I don't have legendary gear, so basically all my Berserker gear will be kinda sub optimal now? What is the design thought process on this, kinda weird a power build doesn't allow your mech to inherit power. Nerf on the mech by wasting equipment stats is sad. So go Mace or go home? and /gg on kits I guess with mace being
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