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  1. If you blow your burst right after they blow theirs, then you kind of deserve it. That's when most players will oh kitten and protect themselves.
  2. So spend $35 to get the swimsuits now, and then spend another $50-$75 later for deluxe goodies? Hmm, math doesn't check out. I can buy Ultimate now, use the 4000 gems toward the swimsuits, and get all the deluxe stuff included for no extra cost. Saved me $35. 😉
  3. How would hiding skill outlines be different from the Disable Area-of-Effect Rings option? And why would we need both?
  4. Yeah, I agree with everything here, except I think Volcano looks okay among the flip skills. The others are a letdown. Mesmer spear skills are beautiful, and better looking than most. How artistically pretty the skills look was never my issue. I never intended to compare caster animations with martial skill animations either, including martial attacks used by other casters and gishes, like mes and guard. If that didn't come across, then I misspoke.
  5. 🤣 Sure, yeah, don't count Etchings and their flip skills, and then we can say they are equal. 🤷‍♂️ I'd say the other ele skills as a whole on par with the graphical intensity or attention to detail to skills of other professions, with standouts like Fulgor and most of the #4 skills. But including even a single Etching? Come on! It isn't even close!
  6. Sure the art is subjective. Always is, and I love mes spear graphics too, except #5 is too opaque. A little transparency in the background purple shade would go a long way for functionality with being able to see mechanics and fields while also possibly giving it some balance. It was more a critique on the amount of resources that were dedicated to level of detail, for both art and mechanics, on some professions over others.
  7. No, I got that. And I agree, which is why I said I would lean more towards traits that just buff or tweak existing skills. I suppose there might be a small benefit for the devs having less skills to balance by changing skills instead of adding new ones, but I don't believe that would outweigh giving players more skill choices. I'll stick with the preference for traits to tweak existing skills if players choose to slot them, rather than change them so heavily that they are new skills.
  8. I'd watch that. The only thing I could think for how this make any sense, is if JW will include a reasonable way to get glyphs in game.
  9. Only until August 20. You'll get more use out of the table then. 😉
  10. Very true. It could range from slotting [this elemental espec] changes all your Conjure skills into one-shot summons to equipping [this master trait] causes all your Consecrations to burn foes. The first case would act like a new skill when equipping that trait line. The latter just a buff to existing skills. I would probably lean for something in between, like a selectable trait that makes all your Traps into GT skills for rangers. Plenty of iterations to play around with.
  11. Except the Astral Ward have been guarding the Isle of Janthir, so you'd run into them whenever you go there.
  12. I suppose they could release future especs designed around existing utility skills too, to save some resources on skill development. Then they just need to develop new profession mechanic and trait line. Maybe even some that focus on enhancing core skill types, like an illusionist that alters Phantasms into illusionary horrors, a gunship espec for elementalists that changes conjured weapons from handheld items to elemental artillery, or a divine caster for guardian that focuses on smiting enemies in Consecrations. I can't think of many ideas for rangers, but one concept I really like is an ambusher that could focus on Traps, like making them GT. A gadgeteer for engineers focusing on Gadgets would be awesome, and appropriately all over the place! I would absolutely love a paragon spec for warriors that focuses on Shouts for a support playstyle. Okay, some of these ideas are getting close to new skills replacing existing utilities, but they don't have to go that far. Just tweaks to existing skills and their art could work.
  13. Wait, story wise? Nah. JW would be a much weirder way to introduce the Astral Ward to the Commander than SOTO. I like how we got introduced to them on their own turf and the first part of the SOTO story before it went downhill in Nayos. Jumping onto the Isle of Janthir and being confronted by them there, learning about them, and also having to explain why they are so involved guarding a place in Tyria when they are supposed to not have involvement on Tyria? Sounds like a bit much, and it probably would muck up the story there. It could have given us more time to bond with Maboon before his fate in SOTO though, I will give you that. But meeting them in SOTO should almost definitely give us less a convoluted story in JW.
  14. Oh! I know the answer to these! They would take on the stats for any other 1-handed weapon with the same prefix. All the 6 runes already on your armor will still apply normally. The sigil in slot 1 will apply. Most likely. Most certainly! Only if you take the Monkey Grip feat trait. Only if they have the Versatile feature. Also see #5. Sure! Have at it! No skills will be adjusted for balance or able to do everything. In fact, some will break and do NOTHING. This is a free for all. No. People will start using 2 weapons for everything. Spear and shield. (Classes that can't use a shieled will be able to use it when wielding a spear only). Are you not paying attention? 🙃 Not likely. Possibly. 'Fraid not? 😟 Most certainly not. Maybe in expac 13?
  15. I think this was mostly by design to keep it simple except on reactive play. Each had their purpose so you stuck to the same chain unless you need to switch things up, like starting with #2 for CC, but if things get hairy, you have the option to switch to #3 for stealth. Conversely, I often used #3 as a gap closer before switching to 2-2-4-3-3-1. If they started to run, my chain after #4 switched to 2-2-4 again.
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