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  1. IMO Human noble that goes vigil or durmond, or slyvari that goes durmond. Those 2 have the most interactions with other npcs and lore up to icebrood.
  2. I always assumed it was the race of Seer's that made the Eye in gw1 when I played and give gw2 new lore my bet is on them even more.
  3. The Pact tech is mostly a mix of Asura,Human and Charr tech working together. Norn don't usally do tech and Slyvari are mostly plant/organic tech. Now for Charr choppers i assume its some type of stabilizer/ Gryro to keep it centered. Kinda like the engineer mini drones.
  4. I think there is a few mentions in game stating how when the female charr rebellion led by Kalla Scorchrazor ended and they had less of a Fanatical relgion based culture since the flame legion no longer held the most power. That in turn allowed the more science based culture to come threw even more so since most of the humans were wiped out by other things over time leading to only 2 places of them. Norn and charr never really fought each other in wars, and asura were still coming to the surface they had free time to focus on other things for once. I would assume them trading with the Asura an
  5. Same reason Shepard never got mind controlled by the Reapers or Master Chief could breath in Flood spores with a damaged suit. Despite them getting closer to the source of the infection then most other NPCs in their respective games. Would be a short game if the hero turned into a controlled slave or zombie.
  6. In Guild Wars 1 there was the Ebon Vanguard scouting the region and a few quests to kill flame legion there with Anton and a few others.
  7. I was reading different Anet Q&A's and other people's lore posts past few weeks and it got me thinking when they said the last Murssaat was gone on Tyria and made me think they might have a different home world like humans. Same with Seers and other elder races maybe they came through the mists also. Wonder how many races are natural to Tyria.
  8. It is canon. This was told years back - around 2010 - in an interview with Jeff Grubb. I guess in current ArenaNet usage, that would make it "psuedo-canon" or "canon until stated otherwise". But it was told to us as to why the states are called "downed" and "defeated" not "downed" and "dead". Either way, there's only two canon deaths that were not permanent: the Commander's in PoF, and Aurene's in S4. Of course there was this guy who died in the human PS but unexplainably survived. We literally (dictionary literally) have to kill him to kill Zamon, but he's alive and well in HoT. So I guess th
  9. We know a few where they died, grave stones for a few henchmen are in granite citadel (Alesia, Little Thom, Reyna). Anton died near the edge of the shiverpeaks and Kyrta Border (Snowblind Peaks).Devona ended up as Herald of Balthazar unwilling https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Herald_of_Balthazar,Stefan Became a ghost https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Stefan_Baruch and Herta ended up as a talking head. I think i am missing a few more but i don't remember any more locations and/or fates of the others at the moment.
  10. I wonder who the canon heroes and henchmen were during the mission/campaign.
  11. https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Gate_of_MadnessWas the guild wars 1 mission where Kormir and PC Talked to the "gods" Kormir: "Gods, we beseech you. Hear our prayers."PC: "We have come where living men should not be. We have fought armies, crossed wastelands and conquered demons."PC: "Now we are in the heart of Torment. We must destroy Abaddon before he destroys the world. But we cannot battle him alone."Lyssa's Muse: "You are not alone. The gods are always watching."Kormir: "Watching? We need your help. We are only mortals, and we challenge a god."Lyssa's Muse: "There was a time when the god
  12. In my opinion the guild wars 1 hero did more with less,. Granted the only dragons they fought was small compared to elder the dragons but they did fight a god that was almost fully released.
  13. With the latest episode and what happen in Glints lair, Does time go faster, slower or is it the same as the main world that we live in? Because time magic happens a few times within guild wars history with Lord Odran who specialized in the study of temporal distortion and making rifts. Guild Wars PC had a time delay after the encounter with Glints trials. Now the commander did also. Did her trials take place in the mists or her own dimension?
  14. Guild Wars 1 hero is mentioned a few times by a title only, Hero of Nightfall by Kossan, and a few books in game mention them also. It would seem that hero died or ascended to godhood before Koss took on Joko though. Cannon wise the last thing hero is known of doing is the Winds Of Change in Cantha event.
  15. Well a lot of things happen 50 years after The Great Destroyer died, and we know Koss died fighting Joko in between so i would assume the PC from GW1 either became the new god of war or died before Koss took on Joko.
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