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  1. I'm only interested in pve content actually specialy raids and fractals .. Tried both, may be driven into druid more than tempest .. And as Malice mentioned, dont want to play a class cause its the meta like Firebrand which was a boring for me ..
  2. Guess I'm left between Tempest or Druid .. gonna try both then
  3. Idk but didn't like Engi at all actually 😅 .. May be i just don't like guns and turrets style
  4. Hey .. What is Best healer to go aside from Firebrand ?
  5. Read about elementalist and its current state, yeah its really disappointed me However really enjoyed playing it specially tempest.. I'm a pve player .. So how to build tempest more into support and which gears should i get for it (open world and fractals and raids ) ?
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