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  1. staggeringly annoying. I'm only 2/5 with fishing mastery so I guess it gets easier, but atm its almost imposiible to catch fish in Tyria. I understand that I shoulnt be able to catch rares, but I'm only after basic fish for a dialy. Why put a daily in that I have zero chance of completing? Its garbage, makes me want to turn off.
  2. I've got to find a guild before the xpac comes out, if I have to play in this alliance again I'll quit the game. It's bloody awful, no guilds, no one helping each other, I've given up until next week.
  3. Maybe its just the alliance that I'm part of, but this is the least fun I've ever had in WvW. No one is helping each other, just toxic rubbish in chat when you ask for help. Perhaps they just put all tyhe trolls in one place 😄
  4. These big guild aren't on my alliance. We have hardly any guilds and no one is playing, theres somthing seriously wrong with this. It's waaaaaaaaaaaay quiter than a normal weekend. I hope they're getting usfull data from the beta as its currently ruining the game.
  5. Everything is just bad atm in wvw, not just roaming. Nobody wants to defend or have interseting fights, just hit doors. Bloody awful, needs some serious attention right now.
  6. How is this change supposed to benifit the game? Who is this change for? Occasionally I will repair a wall to stop my participation from dropping off when there's not much action, beacuse guess what Anet, there are often times of low activity because you negleted this game mode for years and it's dead at times. If it was non stop action like in the old tourney days this change wouldn't matter, thats not the case. I often the only action is on a qued map which I can't get on, so forgive me if I won't a bit of particpaption so I don't feel like I'm utterly wasting my time. Y
  7. I don't know who you are, but I love you. I hate JPs so much
  8. Can you imagine how quickly this would be fixed you werent getting rewards in PVE?
  9. Just got thorugh a queue of 50 people. Tried to travel to the boarder when it popped, said it was full and put me at the back of the queue. TYVM for wasting mt evening.
  10. Whos crying? I'm simply stating the facts of the situation. You should probably think before being rude for no reason.
  11. Came back to play wvw, guess I'll go and play a game that actually works instead. Nice first impression for returning players.
  12. Same. Overloaded by people wnating to try WvW I'm guessing.
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