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  1. Done the event 4 times now and it's still at 0/10 for me. I usually don't make it to the crystal in time, as I keep getting stuck in combat. It makes it more annoying that there is a Mastery point attached to this achievement.
  2. Still not fixed. Still, only appears for the character that purchased it and it still appears under the Crystalized Supply Cache node in Rata Sum
  3. It was missing from my wife's home instance (after she bought it), but my friend has it. But in Rata, it was placed directly under the Crystalized Supply Cache node.
  4. Attempts to log in with both accounts and suggest all guild members do exactly the same, just in case :P
  5. It's super unfair, I warned guild members about logging in as there was something wrong with the servers and my account had been rolled back. But the compensation is based only been given for the people who logged in "Just to check". That's the wrong message to be sending Anet.
  6. I am unable to do the "Season 1 History Lesson" on my main character as it says that I have "Completed this episode and all associated achivements". The option is there for my other chacracters, but just not my main. I have checked on another account and the same applies there. I can only assume that this is because this is the character that I played through Season 1 on . Is this intended behaviour to block certain characters from the new content or is it a bug?Thanks
  7. If you hover over a Build template in a chat window and select "Apply to Build Template", you are presented with a drop down that starts listing the Build Templates at '0', whereas the actual build templates start at 1.
  8. That's actually incorrect, you get to "rent" every mount before you buy it, it's how you do the quests to get the mounts.
  9. I think you missed the point. I own PoF. They purposefully avoided putting in HoT Masteries, gliding or updrafts into PoF so if you didn't own HoT, you could still experience the content, so I am not sure they put one PoF mastery into the Core game.
  10. I'm pretty sure the title says it all, but I don't remember seeing any core game achievements being tied to gliding from Heat of Thorns, so I am not sure why there is an achievement and an armor box being tied to Path of Fire only players. The race has to be finished within 2 minutes, maybe they could either up the time, (so it could be run), or maybe "lend" players a mount for the duration of the race.
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