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  1. at this point i dont care the team i cant play in WvW, hope this is fixed by tomorrow tired of waiting.
  2. SAme problem 12.204 Seven Pines and everyone in my guild got in but me and this guild has over 60 poeple. just fix this do it manualy take the names and drop in the right server, lets go ANet
  3. Can you guys place me in the right alinace Seven pines its called. still not working
  4. Says you fixed the problem i still cant get in, please help us
  5. Many in my guild alliance couldnt get in and than with a relog it started working, but i still cant join in and i did exactly the same things they did. How do i get this WvW thing to work
  6. God damm it first it was fixed, from the lasted patch and now its back, please fix this again and try keeping it fixed or identified what the problem is please
  7. Please get this fixed, allot of people i know have the same problem, but people are not reporting, i bought yesterday 100 eruo worth of gems for things i wanted form the gem store, do we get refund if i can never use my bought currency?
  8. I have same problem game crashing everytime i open Black Lion tradepost, i remove arc dps nvidia drivers up to date, i was on earlier with no propblem opening tradding post etc, after patch all went to hell
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