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  1. It was similar, the problem is solved quite simply. Installation of the latest video card drivers. And you will not do anything with this or play Dychex 9 with old either from 11 on new drivers.
  2. It was possible to do easier, return the old stable patch back. While players played, they would eliminate problems with a new patch.
  3. I do not think that the problem is in Windows Update, many have not downloaded the update. Window I did not update my windows, and everything works like a clock before exit. This patch I and the game worked great. Like many other players.I found the solution to this problem. But I would like it to be officially, and did not solve the players this problem for yourself.
  4. It went out after this time 7 to check until the flight is normal. Compatibility + ADM right is still working.
  5. I play on Windows 7. The same problem has put compatibility, with Windows 7 and at the bottom of the tick. Perform this program on behalf of the administrator, and the game started playing. No problem and no dancing with a tambourine. Maybe someone will help good luck. I don't know English badly if that.
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