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  1. It feels like forcing something that doesn't come naturally, lol...like when my grandfather tried to make me a righty as a kid when I'm actually a lefty haha.
  2. Mine is the Razer Huntsman Elite with the linear optical switches (super comfy to type on). It feels like a standard size keyboard, compared to a lot of the mini keyboards I see out there. In fact, finding a full-size and still stylish keyboard was rather difficult. But I also don't have big hands...at least I don't think I do.
  3. I watched the video someone posted above and though I was made to feel like a peon for my mouse clicking, I do see his point and I also see his point that I need to find something that works for me...because what works for someone else likely won't work for me. I am able to do most of the content I want to do, even with using mouse clicks...I don't PvP (at all), and I don't raid (at all). I don't want to. I solo almost 100% and only LFG for meta stuff and trains when they are available (I don't make my own groups) or I'll just join an open squad when I come across a commander tag. I've o
  4. Sorry for the necro, but I've just started to contemplate keybinds and I'm at a loss. I've been a casual player of MMO's for years but I've been wanting to step up my game. I've always just used the mouse to execute the skills. I wouldn't say I'm an amazing player, but I'm definitely someone who doesn't die constantly when doing meta content (Dragonfall, Verdant Brink, etc). I'm good enough (with my lowly mouse clicks) to help other people and to solo some Champions (not all, but some...and it definitely depends on the class as to which Champions I can solo...Ranger is my main btw). But I want
  5. Just quoting this part as your post is...very long, lol. As I mentioned, a lot of the story is disjointed (overall, such as your mention of Braham's personality changes). I think most of it has to do with a combination of being rushed and too many cooks in the kitchen (too many writers). Just like with some television series that have a different writer for each episode...they can definitely end up giving viewers a figurative case of whip lash. But...I still get the overarching concept. With gaming, even single player games, I've had to learn to not set my expectations very high when it
  6. Yeah, when I played GW1 that was before Eye of the North came out, so the game was still relatively newish and GW2 hadn't even been conceived. I remember playing my ranger and having such a hard time. The only class I think I'd want to try playing again is ranger...that's my main class in GW2...I've always loved ranger/pet classes in any game I can play them.
  7. That's good to know...when I tried it, I couldn't get anywhere alone. It was pretty much insta-death. I read now that there are heroes that can be added as AI party members. I also see there have been some graphical updates. I was already able to hook my old account together with my GW2 account (so I got some of the legacy outfits in the Hall of Monuments)...it might be worth trying again. Only wish we could play as a Norn as that is my preferred race!
  8. That right there is the problem. Folks can't be expected to play a completely different game to get an understanding. Not when it comes to an MMO. GW1 is ancient...and unplayable to many due to the mechanics and the graphics. I played it once upon a time and I had a hard time doing so because I don't group and that game doesn't play like this one. You need to group to be able to do it. I hit a wall because I don't group, and I gave up. I would love to be able to play GW1...unless things have changed from when it first came out. There should be a way to get the important info you need for s
  9. Yeah, I get that...a lot of MMO's have similar problems with story, though. ESO the story is so lackluster I just can't stay interested despite loving Elder Scrolls as a genre and loving the game world itself. SWTOR the story from the last two expansions has been completely hand-waved away like it never existed so nothing our characters did mattered one lick. That, coupled with a completely toxic fandom, caused me to leave the game entirely. The only MMO that seems to have an over-abundance of story is LoTRO and that's because they have Tolkien's entire universe to play with. I love that game
  10. Guess I'm in the minority. I actually liked Season 4 and IBS and I like Braham's character. He was annoying the first time through, back when there was nothing past Season 3, but the more times I play through the content, the more his character growth and progression makes sense, especially the growth we see out of him in Season 4. So he was kind of a *haha, we're going to replace the word with kitten?* during S3E3...what angsty young adult with parental issues isn't? And his anger at his mother (for dying) is pretty obviously transferred onto the PC (he's not really angry at the PC). Also mak
  11. I have this issue as well...seeing it for the first time as it's the first time I've equipped a shortbow on my Ranger. Playing on the DX11 beta. RTX 3090 FTW3 Ultra w/ Ryzen 9 5900x. Absolutely annoying and makes the shortbow pretty much not even usable for me. Unfortunately don't have any legendary skins to try.
  12. I've been a fan of Braham, even though I missed Season 1. Seems like most of the hate shoveled on him comes from his talking back to the Commander during LWS3...which I actually appreciated. It's always nice to see an NPC (in any game) not just tow the line and instead have their own goals and aspirations, no matter how much we (our characters) may or may not agree with them. I can understand why he acted the way he did in that episode, and again going into LWS4, even if I (as my character) found his actions rash and annoying (and childish). But he grew through it and I enjoyed watching
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