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  1. Thank you. Whoever did this, you are a saint. This was the biggest issue I had with SAB for years, and I can't imagine it was easy to do given the game's spaghetti coding, but thank you so, so much for this. We used to have to just pray to RNG that we'd even get the bounce on places like the Pain Cliffs and especially during tribulation where everything is a trap it was just absurd to think that we had to tolerate that and nobody would ever try to fix it. I don't know how you did it with the outdated coding, but thank you again so much for fixing this. It's improved the experience exponentiall
  2. why, SAB is part of asuran culture, they spend most of their lives being inventors, are they not allowed to geek off from time to time? Well, I am not a fan of SAB items outside of SAB, either. Yet, I love SAB. It just doesn't fit into the "real" world of Tyria.if we're talking about the "real" world of tyria, then in the "real" world of earth, that's like saying you can't wear your favourite t-shirt haha
  3. why, SAB is part of asuran culture, they spend most of their lives being inventors, are they not allowed to geek off from time to time?
  4. I read the documentation, it was pretty vague, I don't like vague when it comes to this sort of thing, so I will speculate, because at the moment that's all we can do. There probably was a very good reason why the exact information was exempt from that list.
  5. the problem with this is that your expectations will be shattered by the sheer amount of invisible walls that will suddenly appear all over the game world, once you have permaflying, you will complain that everything around it needs to be improved too. this is something that can only work in maps built to support it, and then all we'll get is puzzles involving never touching the floor or else you die.
  6. there actually might be a way to do this, if you go into first person view mode and unsheath your weapons, you can see them as if you're playing an elder scrolls game, but attacking with them causes them to disappear, I don't think this is accidental but I also don't think aenet would fix it either. If you could make a program for VR that works the same way that DS4 works (by mapping keyboard inputs to the controller), it might be your best shot. All you'd have to do is map head movement to mouse control (when in action cam), and the fighting controls to the hand gear. It's crazy talk, but wit
  7. how about an actual dominion of winds map, reaaaally gonna make us fight outside the doors and never set foot inside? lol.
  8. After everything that has happened over the past two years, I really cannot fathom what in the world compelled you to write this...
  9. Yes, release Guild Wars 3 to a bunch of 30 - 40 year olds, it'll totally sell.
  10. Josh is currently doing a twitch stream of an SAB developer commentary playthrough, and he mentioned something about World 3 and 4 that I just cannot seem to contain my excitement about. He said something along the lines of... "World 3 and 4 would start glitching out due to interference with the box from Moto's competitors, which would reference the console wars"... So, is that what the Choya are doing, actually datamining the box, and is that what the new glitch features are about? Because if so, that gives me SO much hope for World 3 and 4...
  11. I agree, thank you so very much for this mount, and virtual box! Bless you aenet!
  12. As always, SAB is returning tomorrow, and as always, I can't contain the hype! This is by far my favourite event in the game, and it's even further my favourite thing to do in the game period. Bless the Asura for making this box. First things first, I will get this off my chest, as I do yearly -- PLEASE put the tribulation mode balloon in the gem store! I'd be more than happy to carry it around with me outside of the box and give it a wave! Anyway, I'm hoping that there'll be new merch for SAB again, new backpacks, gliders... Or maybe even put an SAB weapon pack in the gem store! Super Stick (
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