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  1. Of course we can, but thats not the reason we dont like to play raids. The reason is the massive gatekeeping/toxic Community which is definitly better for strikes.
  2. How to tell you never played Revenant without saying you never played Revenant
  3. Honestly, since it is a lot of Story and would need a lot of time to play, I would suggest you start directly with EoD. Since season 1 is missing from the game, you have to start the story "in between" anyway. So you might as well start with EoD.
  4. Every Meta fails. Despite tagging up maybe 2 people join the Meta. Even core maps have a higher Population
  5. I just tried the Mai Trin Strike and had immediatly switch to Renegade again. How come vindicator has no cc and no combo fields? Literally unplayable
  6. Mount dodging does not work anymore. But it is doable nevertheless. Just takes 3-4 runs for each side. Just look it up on YouTube what attacks you have to dodge.
  7. I agree with op. I never experienced gatekeeping that strong in other mmorpgs. If you want to gatekeep do it in your guild. The gatekeeping started back then with achievements points. If you want to be elitist dont do it in public lfg. This gatekeeping is one of the reasons why end game content loses players.
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