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  1. Hello my name is Conni and i love this game with all of my heart ,,,, I was playing that other day and went to a play were i can read the books and graves yards tombs ... I would love to see an achievement for reading all of the books and the graves yards tombs ,... I love to read all the neat things that io can write . thank you for a wonderful place to call home .... thank you for making the game for the players and giving something for everyone. Thank you for making the game fun and not dull .... I am truly happy with your game and very happy to brag about it ,,, I played swtor for 10 year
  2. Hello Kash Thank you for your help ,,,, i will Check out all the builds and see what i find 🙂 Mist
  3. Hello Demonhead! ty for your help 🙂 Mist
  4. Hello, I have not been playing a thief for long. I am trying to put all the right rune and sig in my gear but not sure what to put ....I play Pve only... My thief as very weak and i was not liking dying all the time,,,, I had added a few rune and sig and it did make a diff a little is there a list of the right one to put? ty Mist
  5. Hello Thank you all for all the nice words on my topic page~ I have learned a lot beening back in this game again ~ Wow What a wonderful place fulled with the most nicest people i have seen in a long time . I was welcomed back with open arms this made my day! Kindness like this i wish i could see outside of this game in the real world. Just wanted to say Thank u all for everything ... I am truly blessed to be here again ~ hugs to all 🙂 Love always mist6950
  6. Hello i played this game a long time ago and i fellen in love with it ~~ Thank You for a Wonderful game ..... I have been playing starwars for years and i and getting bun out from playing this game so here i am looking for the new thing.... and i found it .... thank you again for thinking about the people who would want to play and have fun here.... Your game gives soo much and ask for soo little and other ones always asking for more money! so nice to see a game that cares about it players!! and what they want ! your Game is Truly Number 1 in my eyes! I am Finally Home! no need to keep look
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