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  1. I noticed that the /pvp/seasons/:id/leaderboards endpoint will give a ranking of players on the spvp leaderboard.Is there a way to combine that information with data from /pvp/games and /pvp/stats, to pull detailed match information for each player on the leaderboard? Or can you only access your own player data from those api?I think the answer is that this is not possible as the other endpoints require an access token, but just wanted to confirm
  2. I'm trying to increase my wvw rank and I understand that tagging during fights is one thing that contributes to that. I currently switch between a DH and Firebrand support build, but I don't feel like I tag enemies very effectively during zerg fights Whats the best build to use for increased tagging? Happy to play any elite spec and any roleHow do you play the build to increase tagging efficiency, especially given the range on most guardian skills is quite low? I heard that F1 tome camping is not the way to do it?
  3. Just got back into the game and wanting to try out some WvW solo roaming on my guardian.Ive noticed that people generally talk about 2 builds for DH:1) Burn DH: https://www.godsofpvp.net/builds/guardianand 2) Trapper DH: https://guildjen.com/2020/10/01/meditrapper-dragonhunter-roaming-build/ Are these 2 builds up to date for the current meta? and what are the differences in playstyle between the 2? pros/cons?
  4. I'm working towards my first legendary and it seems Gift of Fortune is the largest gold bottleneckAre there any jumping puzzles that I can park my alts at, that rewards primarily T6 materials?Or would it be more efficient to park alts for gold and buy the materials from the TP?Any other good sources for T6 materials besides laurels and material promotion?
  5. awesome, thanks! are there any others that come up often that I should be aware of?
  6. Just got all my ascended gear and tried to join some T4 fractals, but the LFG listings are loaded with unfamiliar acronyms: esshbbs/pbsLNHBp+fIm guessing hb and bs are healbrand and bannerslave. but I have no idea what the others mean...?
  7. What stats should a healbrand be running in high level fractals?Sites like Snowcrows recommends Harriers, but that would be for a raid environment. Would you also use harriers for fractals? Or something with a bit more survivability, like Minstrel and Givers?
  8. I like the template system overall. It is a very much needed feature, thanks! A few changes I'd like to see (in order of importance): Equipment and build template changes should require a manual save. Changing a skill/piece of gear should not automatically be saved to the templates, as these are usually one time changes for specific encounters. It is very easy to screw up templates when save happens automatically Allow the ability to choose an equipment template for a given build template, so both can be activated together with a single keybind. In other words, build and equipment templates sh
  9. Im thinking of buying some unlimited gathering tools. I've been reading that some tools have faster animation speeds than others (e.g. consortium sickle, unbound tools), which allows you to complete a node faster However, does that only apply if you cancel the gather early? I always tend to gather by letting the cast bar fill up 100%. In other words, I dont cancel early and I have no intention of doing so even with my new tools In that case, does the faster speed of certain tools actually matter to me? Or are they all technically the same speed without the early cancel?
  10. How are you in tomes with this build, vs just swinging your axe?
  11. great feature - very much needed. I dont even mind having to pay for additional slots, but the numbers of free slots you get should be increased
  12. Just returned to the game after 1.5 years and looking for a guild. Are there still any big WvW guilds around on blackgate?
  13. I just started playing firebrand/quickbrand where I need to maintain quickness on my party. however, with so many boons starting and ending, it gets quite difficult to quickly identify the icon you need to pay attention to (especially given the icons are so small and they shift position constantly) are there any addons (or ingame settings) that can enlarge boon and condition icons so theyre easier to see at a glance?
  14. I tried to join a ranked pvp match earlier, picked the map, and now the game has been stuck on the map results screen since then. I'm also still in the queue apparently, so it won't let me join any other matches: It has been like this for 3-4 hours. I can still play the game, but the results screen remains and pvp queue is broken. Tried restarting the game, changing characters, disabling all addons. Nothing seems to fix it...
  15. Im planning on pugging most fractals, so I can't guarantee the group composition or the presence of a Renegade. In that situation, what would the group typically want me to be? Whats the general expectation of firebrands, for me to dps or to heal?
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