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  1. the confused reaction exists to tell someone that they're genuinely stupid without having to waste time giving them reasons they won't accept anyway.
  2. Customizable player housing would be so cool, even Runescape has it. I love building and decorating houses in games, and it would be a solid addition imo.
  3. I play the game just fine with a 750 ti, a far less powerful card than the 680. Don't worry about it, the game will run on anything lmao.
  4. maybe if you'd do your daily jobs you'd get paid 2 gold a day like the rest of us
  5. players would be motivated to not play this gamse ever again, you mean.
  6. Title: "Why some of us don't pre-purchase things" Body: "you're a horrible person and the cause of all bad company practices and probably several war crimes as well if you have ever or will ever pre-purchase anything"
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