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  1. A video of the issue. I believe the camera zooming by itself is already a known issue, but I have been getting random camera zoom while just running and looking around. Worse, the camera does not return to the original zoom. Upon further testing I've noticed that whenever the weird self-zooming starts, my FoV bar in the settings breaks and stops working (it works at the start of the video, but no longer does at 0:46). If I keep jiggling the camera around with left / right click, eventually my camera FULLY zooms into my character, at which point the FoV bar starts workin
  2. Hey all, I'm quite new to the game but I've been learning pretty quickly, and am having an absolute blast playing elementalist. I love the feeling of adapting to situations with different elements + skill chains. I realize it's not the "best" class right now but I enjoy the class enough not to mind. I levelled to 80 with dagger + dagger elementalist before switching to a power sword + dagger elementalist. I'm doing champions and minibosses much faster now, but am having a lot of trouble against groups. Against single enemies, I can leverage dodges + arcane shield + twist of fate to
  3. Oh my god that makes so much more sense. Thanks! One quick question though, when I salvaged a dagger I got the Soldier Seal on it back. How does that work?
  4. The wiki states that: "Upgrade components placed in items cannot be recovered except by either salvaging the item (with a Black Lion Salvage Kit or Ascended Salvage Tool)", and that "Only Black Lion Salvage Kits can be used to acquire runes by salvaging". Does this mean that regular salvage kits can't salvage upgrades? Or just that they can't salvage runes in particular? If that's the case I'm super confused, because runes are upgrades and regular salvage kits say they have a % of salvaging upgrades, so why do I need a BL salvage kit? Super lost, thanks in advance for a
  5. I started playing a couple weeks ago and have been having a blast. There's not much for me to complain about; the game's great and the community's friendly. However, the guilds I've played with all seem to consist mainly of late game PvE/PvP players doing Fractals or WvW or whatnot. Nothing against them, but I end up playing alone most of the time. I'm hoping to find friends to progress through levelling, gearing, and learning together. Explore the wonderful world ^_^. At the moment I'm level 60 on my first character, but I will be starting and levelling mor
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