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  1. This is exactly the thing I was thinking of, I have the character slot for it and I can just move all my gear over and have my harrier stats do my support roles and then just waffle through my other builds for engineer. I just really don't find it that fun to play mechanist or scrapper, which is where my dilemma lies.
  2. Just to clarify, all I do now is dailies and stuff, but I want to be able to safely do fractals, strikes and raids in a support role, which I feel is dominated by Guardians and Engineers.
  3. Wondering if its worth biting the bullet and just focusing on one of the more used classes (guardian or engineer) and give up on my current main, or just continue what I'm doing now? which for context is just logging in to get all my daily things I want and then leaving to play a game where playing the style I want is actually fun for me. I am just going through the motions until (I hope) Anet properly balances the game and where I can truly play any class I want, in any role, in any game mode. But what do people think the chances are of them actually doing this? and if so what kin
  4. To anyone who "reacts" confused, why are you confused?
  5. I am in the group of people who aren't happy with this balance patch, there will be people who are happy as their main has been buffed. I have a question for those who's main got buffed, if you are happy with the buff are you overall happy with the patch? The difference between power level of classes is becoming wider, does this worry you at all? The game is gonna get released on steam soon (eventually?) and it seems like ANet isn't making its current player base happy. If any potential steam user comes to these forums looking for indication whether they should buy the game, will the
  6. I was really hoping that they were gonna throw catalyst a bone when they anounced they'd be nerfing the quickness generation, and I still think that catalyst sorely needs to generate energy out of combat. Sad that this didn't happen, finally time to jsut focus on a different class till it gets better.
  7. I feel like Windborn Notes needs a little update, the fact that is skill only effects 1 of the 2 warhorn skills seems a little stupid. It should just grant regen to 5 targets around the user whenever a warhorn skill is used. Also feel like a extra boon wouldn't be too bad, i think adding quickness to the boons given would be a real bonus to the trait Windborne Notes. I want it added to the trait and not just the warhorn skills so it can limit its power by requiring trait building to achieve it.
  8. Hey all, As I'm sure some/most of you have noticed that there is no longer any buyers of "Chunks of Pure Jade" on the TP anymore. This doesn't exactly scream a healthy item so soon after EoD release, unless everyone is just automatically buying from the TP now (but that seems unlikely). It definitely seems that Anet need to add another use for these items, or it will follow the path of Hatched Chili where there just isn't any use for it anymore and it better to jsut sell to a random merchant. Chunks of Petrified Echovald Resin is still doing really good on the TP be
  9. So I think it would be a nice quality of life change if the Leader of the Pact 3 buffer gave quickness alongside swiftness inside cities, but more specifically the home instance. Not every class can achieve perma quickness outside of combat and it would make home instance gathering abit better without actually stepping on anyones toes (I don't think any spent alot of gold on a perma quickness build just for their home instance)
  10. Hey, So I've been giving this some thought, and I would like to see some things that change depending on what race you are. I premise is pretty simple, its a single item/skin, that when equipped has a visual or look that is unique to that race. The few idea I have are for skins are for mounts and gathering tools as these are the most univeral of skins. I do realise that this probably won't be likely as it actively reduces the amount of money ArenaNet can make if you get essentially 5 skins in 1, but it just seems like a fun idea to me, that would make races abit mor
  11. I wonder if its time to revert the nerf on Druid Pets? It would make PvE more enjoyable for druids and I'm sure that in more high-end content, druid pets aren't exactly contributing any significant dps or tanking. Obviously if this revert would mean PvP and WvW druids running rampant, it might be best to do a game mode balance on this.
  12. The circling orbs from hammer 3 skill sometimes don't all "fire" when i reactivate the skill. I've had it a few times where i will get all 4 elements circling, press the skill again to send them to an enemy and one orb just won't fire and will continue to circle me. I've tried to see if this orb is purely cosmetic (e.g. it did fire but the animation remains) or if the orb is still active by seeing if I can get it to hit something in its trajectory, but I haven't had much luck actually managing this. The buff from the hammer 3 skill goes though.
  13. I think Elemental summoning has needed a rework since the introduction of mounts. I want to have the 5 elemental army following me around (like necro minions) but it means I can't use my mount or they are just gonna disappear (unlike necro minions). The game already has the ability to resummon summons from skills, so why can't this apply to elementals. I wouldn't mind if they made them a little weaker, put the skill on a count setting (either 3 or 4) and just made them permanent summons like minions.
  14. I know that this is such a minor thing, but it has weirdly bothered my for a while and now with EoD it has fully come to fruition. All classes have access to signets now (though revenants are called facets and are a bit different) and all should have access to a full range of signets. I thinks it strange that only some have the full 6 signets (1 healing, 4 utility and 1 elite).
  15. Support has said there is nothing they can do, which is a bit crappy cause i reckon Anet defintely knew that they were gonna update the skins a couple of week after they did the supply drop
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