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  1. There used to be some really nice farm, Verdant bauble farm. Now it's gone :( I was told dragon fall is good (after meta you need to fight the champs too)
  2. 1-2g if they ask for tips, if there are more players getting helped. 5g - to players who are dedicated 10g - For players who personally saw me struggling and spend their time to help me (I also send few goodies, so to not look like I paid for their help) Now I'm broke lol (my only affordable source of gold was removed in Update :( - VB bauble farm)
  3. people always complain, it's like they want everything handed to them on a silver plate. They gave skyscale for free, as a lws4 episode. They didn't even mention it as a great feature. It has to be made difficult to get to make it more worthy (it's already worthy due to its functions). If they made it easier, then people would complain griffin is too costly. Then beetle shouldn't even require a collection.
  4. EoD is more like a dlc than an expansion, speaking of that, most of its mastery line is pretty useless. Think it as a fun dlc and play it, don't expect it to be on par with its predecessors
  5. Lemme guess its only NA server? Please do mention the server on title
  6. Idk, it's fun for me. I played few times at starting, it was more annoying. Guess I got customed to it being much difficult now it seems ok to me.
  7. Yeah I already said, fishing and skiffs only go together both just for achievements nothing else.
  8. Like pof had griffion, and music box gizzmos, are there any cool items in EoD? (apart from infusion)
  9. Want to know if anyone found any secret items, like music boxes from PoF. Or maybe a new infusion?
  10. Necromancer, go for scrounge elite spec first.
  11. Save for skyscale (if needed). It's slow but useful in many terrains.
  12. They done that? Wow, PoF has the easiest collection I think. Hot requires mystic weapon which is 30MCs.
  13. Skip EoD is the expansion which if you don't buy it you won't miss any QoL things, like mounts or gliders. RN EoD fishing, skiffs, are both just for achievement and mats, jade bot is glorified revive orb, seige turtle is meh. Story not great. Maps are ok. Music is great. Maybe in future If they say some great drops in metas, you can buy it for that. Oh and forget about leg 3, worst time gated thing. Gen 3 is for whales (players who put a lot of money in game), every mats can be bought easily from TP. Anyone who says it's the best expansion is either a blind fan or
  14. No, it was a disappointment. It wasn't even the political stand point they used that made the story bad, but the story itself. The great first dragon that gave birth to several other dragons, was easily "killed" by an asura, canthas didn't even take it seriously that a dragon which gave them jade, is gone, rather spent on their own political issues. Unlike the fight against the death, Crystal and plant dragons where everyone showed the fear towards the dragon and the fight meant something, this void dragon fight was meh. Even in the last map, the preparations was not indulgin
  15. Not an elite, but I like the meta. Dont like the fact that turtle is locked behind it, I'm sure the reason behind not nerfying this hard core meta maybe cause of a priceless reward, a new infusion maybe.
  16. What changes? There's no mention of it in forum, may I know where they mentioned it?
  17. It still makes me wonder why they gave it for free, a lot of new maps, cool new items, new mounts, new mastery line, etc all they gave for free just cause u logged in on that week. A lot of effort was put in it. Plus its cheap to buy, 200gems for one chapter gives u access to a new map and possibly a new way of making gold, but the cost of a stupid gizzmo is 800gems! (talking about the instruments)
  18. I was not trolling :( Which part looked like trolling? I was actually liking the fact that the meta is more than just 11111, but don't like the fact that turtle is stuck behind it. Not sure about the reward part, who knows maybe there's an infusion or much cooler drops.
  19. And unmount them in a group of pocket raptors and run, lol.
  20. The time taken, and the skills needed to succeed this meta is the reason why this is the best meta in open world for casual players, and introduce them to their professions even more. I haven't succeeded it once but from other's complaints and my experience playing, I can say people only hate it for two reasons. 1. Locking the key selling point of the expansion behind this - If it were a secret mount like Griffon and it was behind this meta, people would have done it with less complaints. And no I'm not saying just cause one buys an expansion they should get all the f
  21. Turtle is a mount only useful and good for people who play in a party. Other than that, nah.
  22. Have you not seen an housing build around a pillar? Most of these screenshots are roofs build around a pillar, IRL it works the same. And i been telling people the same about fishing and skiffs, they are just for achievements/mats nothing fun about it like mounts or gliding. Jade bots are nothing to be missed, except the WP, which is just a "fail-safe" feature. Turtle mount is not great either,if u play solo, but as a party its good. EoD is not an expansion, but a dlc. You won't miss any QoL ingame if u dont buy EoD (unlike PoF and HoT). That being said, its not entirely bad (excep
  23. Nothing great for now, except for personal WP. But Arenanet said they would add drone control in open world. Which will be cool. Tho hope we can do it anytime instead of going to a bench to control it.
  24. Colour blind or not, i wouldn't recommend playing the expansion in a dark room. It is too kitten bright, had put a strain on my eye and gave me a headache. Even the so called night time in the city map is bright. But i do like the overall designs.
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