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  1. I don't think this works in WvW as well... I hope it's just a bug and not some kind of nerf 😕 this is a minor trait we are talking about here, not like we can choose a different one
  2. Funny enough there is this thread that calls to nerf scrapper in the one game mode (more like 1 part of the whole game mode) that it is relevant I love my scrapper but at this point, it's not really relevant in PvE anymore. I exclusively use it in WvW and in some rare occasions when all the blue guys are not around, as quickness provider
  3. Honest question, have you played heal mech in fractal? I do regularly for the past 2 weeks (main Engineer for past few months), you just can't press 1 only to give barrier, you need to use Elixir Gun's 5 to pop health generation, and also Mace 2 to add more health generation. Also F3 and the Barrier Signet to have barrier when you switch to Medkit to heal. And I still can't get over the lack of having self heal skill, like Anet completely forgot that Medkit puts your self heal skill to the tool belt which is now gone And on top of that F2 to have aegis/stab on some cases. I don't thi
  4. Can I at least have a bigger gyro? 😢
  5. yes and no, most duelists have their usual spots to duel (the center of blue and green borderland maps), and when a big group pass by, we don't attack each other. You will recognize those spots once you have played long enough. Roamers on the other hand, attack anyone they get their hands on whether that person wants to fight or not, they are usually free game, feel free to jump on them, your allies will often thank you for that. But again, if you see 2 people fighting outside the usual duelist spots, and there are people watching, then you should watch as well. To me personally ther
  6. Bit of advice, when you see 2 people fighting, don't interfere unless they run to you for help. When you see 2 guilds are fighting, don't interfere, don't kitten clouding around trying to pick up kills here and there... that's not nice, so basically try to read the situation and decide whether to interfere or not. When you see 2v1, definitely join, they definitely can't win 3v1. Jokes aside, WvW has various mini-games that people like to play, you need to know those and don't ruin other people's fun. It's not elitism or anything, just respect and etiquette
  7. I only play GW2 for a brief few months but I can see that Guardian gets all the love from Anet 😆 I have seen Guardian meta in pretty much all the content that I regularly play Fractals, Strikes, WvW (Zerg mostly), and I know it's highly valued in Raid as well And now mechanist is slowly taking over some roles and people start to whine, that's weird to say the least, like diversity is bad or something
  8. I honestly can't see how is that (simple rotation with good enough DPS) a problem? You can deal damage for sure but you still have to learn the mechanics of each encounter and dozen of other things to be able to do end game content. And with easier rotation, that would drive more casual users to end game content, isn't that a good thing for a game in the long term? With easy rotation, you can pay more attention to the mechanics and learn them, then if you want to, you can push for even higher damage with harder rotation, and because you know the mechanics, it's one less thing to worry ab
  9. Hi, I am planning to do some solo roaming and I really want to share participation with my wife. She is so busy with many stuff and doesn't have much time to play WvW (she likes the game mode btw). The main reason is that we are trying to make the WvW legendary armor, and I don't want to leave her behind. Do I need to buy a commander tag in order to do that? Because when I create a normal squad (no tag), the share participation shows "0/0" Thanks
  10. Talking about 2 v 1, check out this week tier 3 EU =)) it's true sandwich in there
  11. I'm thinking about building a heal alac, so... I guess anything that mentions "heal skill" is completely useless when using medkit, right?
  12. I couldn't believe it when I saw it in the patch note like wth.... -180 vitality and now only 5% damage being converted to barrier (which only last few seconds). I don't even see that many scrappers in PvE, with this change I think I will see even fewer of them. Mechanist... is kinda meh to me (for now), losing the whole tool belt for a stupid mech that randomly stuck somewhere 😐 even died unexpectedly (bug?) when I was gliding from one place to another
  13. Hi, I'm playing around with Holosmith, and I'm using http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PelAw6O0TZvVA-zRRYBRDHuYQHngGHA-e to test my build/equipment But it's kinda weird that the HP in gw2skills shows is 21480 but my in-game HP is only 19527 (https://imgur.com/a/GuFfiwq), all armor pieces are exactly the same, weapons are the same All the stats are the same, not sure if I'm missing anything here Thanks!!!
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